Emma Watson Finds Love Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Emma Watson is showing her love for makeup this week, specifically lipstick. As the ambassador for Lancôme and model for Burberry, she has launched her newest lipstick collection called Rouge in Love, adding even more to her already impressive fashion credentials.

Emma has come up with a range of lipsticks that are both clever and pretty. The collection goes by the name Rouge in Love, which is perfect considering that Valentine’s Day is just six days away. The collection comprises 24 lipsticks that are priced at £21 each, and they are absolutely irresistible! Hooray!

Additionally, she is collaborating with Lancôme to introduce a line of “wardrobe” nail polishes named Lancôme Vernis is Love collection. These nail polishes will complement your overall appearance and cost £12 each, making them quite delightful.

The collection of lacquers includes a variety of colors, ranging from subtle and natural nude shades to vibrant and bold hues that are perfect for sunny days. Emma Watson has expressed her excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing that she would not have associated herself with a brand unless it aligned with her values and preferences. She admires Lancôme for its French roots, which resonate with her birthplace, as well as its emphasis on quality and genuine charm, embodied by stars like Julia Roberts and Penélope Cruz. Watson’s impeccable sense of style is a testament to her discerning taste.

Hey Emma, we’d love to chat with you about some fun topics like lipstick and love! Guess what? Lancôme has just launched a new campaign featuring some gorgeous shots of you! To top it off, they’re also hosting a meet and greet with you. If you want to join in on the fun, swing by Selfridges on Oxford Street this Friday at 4.30pm. See you there!

This implies that anyone can become Emma Watson’s BFF in terms of beauty by the weekend. If that’s not possible, then you can view the latest collection and be confident that we will all have beautiful hands and faces by Valentine’s Day. The Rouge in Love collection is currently only available at Selfridges in the UK.

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