“From Skipping Subway Barriers to Dining in Skyscrapers: A Day in the Life of NBA’s No.1 Draft Pick Victor Wembanyama in NYC”

Victor Wembanyama, the anticipated No. 1 overall pick, has been exploring the sights of New York City as he eagerly awaits the NBA Draft tonight. Despite his future in the comparatively quiet city of San Antonio, the French basketball player made sure to visit popular tourist destinations such as Times Square and Yankee Stadium. Wembanyama even threw out the first pitch at a New York vs Seattle game on Tuesday evening. In his Instagram posts from Wednesday, he showed that he had truly immersed himself in the city’s culture by jumping subway barriers like a true New Yorker. As he eagerly anticipates achieving his long-awaited dream, Wembanyama also enjoyed a luxurious dinner at a Manhattan restaurant.

Victor Wembanyama partook in the often-seen act of jumping over the subway barriers in NYC

Victor Wembanyama, like many others, engaged in the common practice of leaping over the subway turnstiles while in New York City.

The Frenchman has spoken about his need to eat often and dined at a glamorous restaurant

The individual from France expressed his desire to consume food frequently and enjoyed a luxurious meal at a fancy eatery.

There is no word on what Wembanyama will be wearing at the Draft but he has already decided

It is still uncertain what Wembanyama will wear during the Draft, but he has already made a decision on the matter.

Wembanyama wasn't criticizing U.S. prospects, but says Euros are better prepared for the NBA

Wembanyama made it clear that he wasn’t criticizing the prospects of U.S. players in the NBA, but he believes that European players are better prepared for the league. The 7-foot-4 prodigy has garnered a lot of attention since his arrival at Newark Airport and is set to add to the strength of international players in the NBA. According to Wembanyama, European players play at a higher level than American prospects and face better competition, which prepares them well for the NBA. He cited the success stories of Nikola Jokic and Giannis Antetokounmpo, who did not play college basketball but have excelled in the league. Wembanyama also showcased his Nike tracksuit during the pre-Draft portraits alongside other players.

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