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Forbes reports that Jennifer Lawrence is now among the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. However, in a recent interview with Glamour magazine, the 25-year-old actress shared that her mother was initially against her pursuing a career in acting. Growing up in Kentucky, Lawrence noted that becoming a movie star was never seen as a realistic possibility. When she expressed her desire to move to New York and pursue acting at the age of 14, her parents were not supportive. Despite the initial opposition, Lawrence has gone on to achieve great success in the film industry.

Her folks said no: Jennifer Lawrence's parents did not want her to pursue acting, she told the new issue of Glamour magazine 

According to the latest issue of Glamour magazine, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that her parents were against her pursuing acting as a career when she was younger. Nonetheless, the determined young star managed to save up enough money to give it a shot. In fact, Lawrence’s mother reportedly expressed the sentiment that she hoped her daughter would fail so that she could return home. However, after seeing how happy it made Lawrence, her mother eventually came to support her dreams. Today, her mother has a more positive view of her daughter’s acting career.

Her parents: 'I grew up in Kentucky, so nobody was like, You’re gonna be a movie star. There just wasn’t a possibility. And then, when I told my parents when I was 14 that I wanted to move to New York and become an actress, they were like,

According to the Hunger Games actress, her parents never imagined her becoming a movie star since she grew up in Kentucky where such opportunities were not common. When she expressed her desire to move to New York and pursue acting at the age of 14, her parents were hesitant and discouraged her from following that path.

The didn't want to lose her: 'My mom always says she…wanted me to fail so that I could come home, because not failing meant me being in New York. She lost a daughter, really, at 14. I mean, she’s very proud of me. She got on board when she saw how happy it made me,' she added; here she is with her parents in 2013

The actress shared about her relationship with her mother, revealing that she used to think her mother wanted her to fail so that she would come back home. She attributed this to the fact that her success meant living away from home in New York. However, despite this, she acknowledged that her mother supports and is proud of her. The star also talked about her upbringing, sharing that her mother was once very religious and that she wouldn’t have been able to access birth control if it weren’t for Planned Parenthood. She expressed gratitude for being able to receive these essential services as a regular teenager growing up in a religious household. The actress also touched on the 2014 incident where her private pictures were leaked, stating that she didn’t feel ashamed and that she didn’t do anything wrong. Instead, she felt enraged at the violation of her privacy.

Proud of her body: Lawrence has a certain way she likes to look. In the new issue of Glamour, the Hunger Games explained that because she has 't*** and ass' she can't dress like a skinny girl, meaning layers of embroidery don't compliment her. 'Those make me look fat. I have to show the lumps,' she said

Jennifer Lawrence confidently embraces her body and has a particular style that she prefers. During an interview with Glamour, the actress revealed that due to her curvy figure, she can’t dress like a skinny girl as layers of embroidery don’t flatter her. Instead, she prefers to show off her curves by not hiding them. Lawrence expressed that she does not feel the need to justify or defend her body type even if she is in a relationship or on a date with someone. She believes that everyone should do whatever they want with their bodies. The cover of the magazine featured Lawrence in a stunning white Dior dress, while inside, she flaunted her toned physique in a black bikini paired with a white Balenciaga coat. Talking about fashion, Lawrence humorously refers to herself as a “slutty power lesbian,” but she embodies the Dior woman on the red carpet, which she considers an honor.

Saying it like it is: The 25-year-old Kentucky native - who has dated Nicholas Hoult and Chris Martin - also revealed that she 'doesn't date a lot' and finds a man attractive only about 'once a year'; here she is seen in a Dior dress

Being straightforward: The 25-year-old person from Kentucky, who previously had relationships with Nicholas Hoult and Chris Martin, admitted that she doesn’t really go on many dates. She also shared that she only finds a man attractive about once a year. In the photo, she is wearing a Dior dress.

Her ideal: The Silver Linings Playbook standout starts the conversation about fashion by saying looking like a 'slutty power lesbian.' is 'literally what I say to a stylist'

Jennifer Lawrence, known for her role in Silver Linings Playbook, has a unique approach to fashion. She likes to look like a ‘slutty power lesbian’ and often tells her stylists this. As she has curves, she believes that many clothes made for skinny people make her look fat. Therefore, she prefers to show off her assets rather than hide them. Despite being a famous actress, Jennifer does not date a lot and rarely finds someone she likes. Nevertheless, she feels fulfilled and happy without dating anyone. Her best friends are Emma Stone, Adele, and Amy Schumer, and she loves spending time with them.

But be warned, she is picky: 'I don’t meet a lot of guys who I want to go on a date with. I’ll find a guy attractive maybe once a year,' added the Joy star

However, it’s important to note that the actress is very selective when it comes to dating. In fact, she admits that she only finds one guy attractive per year. During an interview, she revealed that Adele and herself are quite critical of people they meet, although Emma is the complete opposite and has never had a negative thought about anyone. Despite not liking new people, she has found that Adele and Amy are both lovely and normal, making her feel like she’s with friends who don’t care about her celebrity status. The star also shared her long-term plans for the four of them, which involve living on Martha’s Vineyard and growing old together in a Grey Gardens-style house.

On the job: As far as what makes Lawrence wake up in the morning, she said it's being on movie sets. 'I’m addicted to work. And acting.… Developing a character is the only thing in the world I feel 100 percent confident in, that I understand'; here she is seen in a still from Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2

According to Lawrence, what motivates her every morning is being on movie sets. She admitted that she is addicted to work and acting, stating that developing a character is the only thing in the world that she feels completely confident in and understands. She reminisced feeling like she was good at it since she was a teenager, and she still enjoys doing it because it makes her feel good about herself.

Mixed messages: 'I feel like I’m over-paid-attention-to. I’m not trying to be a GIF. I’m not trying to be a picked-up-on-Twitter quote,' the beauty said; here she is seen standing out in red in 2014

The beauty expressed her feelings of being given too much attention, saying, “I feel like I’m being overly focused on. It’s not my intention to become a meme or a quote on Twitter.” This statement was made while she was photographed wearing a striking red outfit in 2014.

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