“When to Hang Up the Sneakers? Insights from Dell Curry on Steph Curry’s Retirement Plans”

Although Steph Curry had the advantage of having an NBA father, he had to work harder than others to master basketball due to his smaller stature. Despite facing numerous challenges in his youth, he overcame them all to become the iconic NBA player he is today. Dell Curry, in a recent interview with The Charlotte Observer’s Scott Fowler, shared the story of how his son almost gave up on basketball.

Steph was a small child, measuring about 5-8 and weighing only 115 pounds when he finished his second year at Charlotte Christian, according to Dell Curry. His shooting strategy involved loading up from his waist and pushing the ball up to make it go in, which worked for him in high school. However, when he expressed his desire to attend college, Dell knew they had to change his shot. He suggested moving it above his head to avoid blocking. Steph found it challenging to adjust, and there were times when he felt like quitting basketball. Despite this, Dell encouraged him to stick with it, assuring him that it would work. It took nearly a month for Steph to build up enough strength to shoot outside the paint with his new technique.

During an interview with Fowler, Steph’s father, Dell, revealed that it was a challenging summer for his son and there were times when he considered quitting. Steph even expressed that the journey was too difficult to continue. However, Dell was able to gain Steph’s trust, and they persevered together.

It’s fantastic news for fans of the Golden State Warriors and the NBA as a whole that Curry managed to overcome the challenges he faced during the summer when he had to alter his shooting technique.

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