“Unleashing Her Sensuality: Miley Cyrus’ 23 Music Video Revamps Sexual Poses”

Miley Cyrus dons a striking Michael Jordan Jersey in her latest music video for the rap track “23.” She showcases her moves by grinding on locker rooms, basketball hoops, and bathroom windows, making for a sℯxy spectacle. The video’s 14 stills are compelling enough to alter your view of high school and the sport of basketball forever.

In the video, Miley can be seen spending a considerable amount of time in the school’s washroom. The very first frame of the video shows her smoking a cigarette.

Just a few moments after, Miley Cyrus starts twerking with her friends in the bathroom and sticks out her tongue, which is her signature move. Additionally, the Miley varsity jacket she’s wearing adds a nice touch to her outfit.

After that, Miley locates a cozy spot on the windowsill of the washroom and commences gyrating in this manner…

Afterward, Miley heads to the locker room where she switches up her attire and throws on a pair of sunglasses to shield herself from the bright and sunny environment that locker rooms are notoriously known for.

It’s interesting to note that Miley takes center stage as the main attraction during her school’s pep rally held at the gym. My own cheerleading team back in high school was far from being as impressive as what we see in this scene.

Amongst the scenes of working out at the gym, we also witness some window-sill grinding. I have a strong feeling that this type of activity will soon become a popular trend on YouTube.

Next, Miley manages to effortlessly lift herself onto a basketball hoop and assumes a spread-eagle position while engaging in some unknown activity.

Afterward, she proceeds to do the same thing once she’s back in the changing room…

Here we are once more in the washroom…

In the stands, the foam finger from the 2013 MTV VMAs that gained notoriety makes a cameo in this music video. It’s clear that this video would be incomplete without it.

Oh, I almost forgot, there’s also additional window grinding.

The final scene in the video shows Miley with her crew – Mike Will, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J – and of course, her iconic tongue. Let’s not forget about that!

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