Unexpected Guest Appearance: Shakira Joins Carlos Vives on Stage in Miami

During their Oct. 28 performance, the Colombian duo debuted their hit song “La Bicicleta” for the first time in front of a live audience.

During Carlos Vives’ concert at the Kaseya Center in Miami on October 28th, the energized audience, who had been standing for almost an hour, became increasingly louder when he performed “La Bicicleta,” his popular song with Shakira. This happened midway through the sold-out show.

As Vives encouraged the crowd to participate in a musical interlude, he moved forward and gestured with his arms. Little did he know that Shakira had entered the stage from the back entrance and started singing a part of the chorus behind him. Oblivious to this fact, Vives kept his back turned to the giant screen on the back of the stage. Only when he faced his band did he notice Shakira standing just inches away from him, causing him to do a double-take.

At first, he wanted to avoid Shakira, but then he decided to approach her. She grabbed his arm and they embraced, dancing together in the Colombian style. Shakira was thrilled and exclaimed to the audience that Vives didn’t anticipate it. The surprise appearance was planned by Shakira and tour promoter Loud and Live the night before the show, and only a few production members were made aware of it. Shakira, who now resides in Miami, was asked if she would like to perform with Vives during his significant Miami performance. She agreed on the condition that it be kept a secret, and so it was.

Shakira made a spontaneous appearance at the Kaseya during Carlos Vives’ performance without any rehearsal or soundcheck. She shared a video on her Instagram feed, expressing her excitement to her fans. Shakira wore sparkly jeans and a crop top as she sang with Vives and stayed for an additional song as he serenaded her. She later posted on her Instagram, surprising her brother Carlos Vives on stage. Vives was overjoyed and responded with a message expressing his love and gratitude towards Shakira for the surprise appearance.

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