“Stephen Curry’s Adorable Adventure: The Ultimate Pup Q&A with Buzzfeed and Pals”

By now, you must have come across the news about Steph Curry’s latest documentary “Underrated” on Apple TV+. It’s hard to miss, isn’t it? In light of this release, we decided to bring Steph over to answer a bunch of questions while he plays with some adorable puppies!

Steph shared with us his reasons for pursuing the documentary project and also discussed his alternate career choice if he wasn’t involved in sports.

He revealed his ideal starting lineup and discussed which teammate would be the most likely to answer his unexpected Facetime call.

He disclosed a piece of information about his colleague, Clay Thompson, which is not widely known, and also shared his thoughts about the possibility of his children pursuing careers in basketball.

He shared with us the dish that his wife, Ayesha Curry, makes that is his ultimate favorite.

Enjoy the complete video recording of the interview by clicking the link below:

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