“Spurs’ Sizzling Shooting Takes Down LeBron James’ Lakers, Ending 18-Game Losing Streak”

The San Antonio Spurs had a great night shooting three-pointers, with an impressive success rate of over 40%. This helped them secure their first win in more than a month against the Los Angeles Lakers, and also marked the first time LeBron James had lost a game against Victor Wembanyama. Overall, it was a party from beyond the arc for the Spurs.

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The Frost Bank Center was buzzing with excitement on Friday night as the San Antonio Spurs faced off against LeBron James and the Lakers. Despite their franchise-worst losing streak, the Spurs were determined to hold down the Lakers offensively and secure a win. And that’s exactly what they did. Thanks to hot shooting from behind the arc and strong performances from Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell, the Spurs broke their losing streak and emerged victorious with a final score of 129-115. While James dominated with 18 points in the first half and a double-double by the end of the game, it wasn’t enough to overcome the Spurs’ impressive performance.

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On December 15, 2023, the San Antonio Spurs faced off against the Los Angeles Lakers at the Frost Bank Center in Texas. The game started off strong for the Spurs, with Keldon Johnson hitting back-to-back corner 3-point shots to give them an early lead of 13-4. Devin Vassell also contributed a deep shot, and the Spurs continued to dominate throughout the first quarter. Johnson and Vassell both made two 3-pointers each, while Victor Wembanyama blocked two shots. Every starter on the Spurs’ team scored multiple times, resulting in the third-highest scoring quarter in franchise history. In contrast, the Lakers only managed to score through four players. By the end of the first quarter, the Spurs had built a lead of 20 points, and both teams proceeded to the second period.

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Wembanyama returned to the game at the start of the second quarter, after sitting out for most of the first period. He quickly scored again, maintaining his impressive performance. The teams continued the trend of hitting three-point shots throughout the game. McDermott made a three-pointer as soon as he entered the game, increasing the Spurs’ lead by 23 points. Despite the Lakers’ efforts to catch up, the Spurs maintained their lead with sporadic shots from beyond the arc. However, the Lakers gradually reduced the lead, with James leading the team with his excellent scoring and playmaking skills. In one memorable play, Wembanyama backed James into a corner, but James was able to turn the situation around and score.

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Wembanyama raised his hands and nailed a beautiful rainbow 3-pointer, reducing the deficit to only six points. The Spurs answered back with a single point, and both teams headed back to the locker room with a score of 69-62 in favor of San Antonio. The game continued with a see-saw battle after Los Angeles answered back with a 40-point quarter of their own. The Spurs found their rhythm yet again, doubling their halftime lead within a few minutes of the third quarter. Wembanyama, who was just one rebound away from a double-double, hit a 3-pointer of his own, prompting Lakers coach Darvin Ham to call a timeout. He eventually achieved a double-double by the time he was substituted out for the first time in the second half.

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During the latter half of the third quarter, the Lakers dominated over the Spurs. This was evident when Austin Reaves made two back-to-back 3-pointers that reduced the home team’s lead to just 10 points, and a Christian Wood dunk made it single digits again. However, in the late third quarter, Jarred Vanderbilt got into foul trouble, which allowed the Spurs to have some breathing space offensively. Nonetheless, the lead wasn’t significant. The Lakers gained momentum after James’ second tomahawk slam but lost it quickly when Cedi Osman missed two shots in the final 12 seconds, leaving the score at 11.

In the final quarter, the Spurs were undeterred by misses, as Vassell scored a midrange fadeaway, followed by another McDermott 3-pointer, increasing their lead to 15. Osman scored two straight buckets, derailing Los Angeles’ run. Wembanyama sealed the deal with a dunk that increased San Antonio’s lead to 18. The Lakers attempted to make a comeback, but their efforts were insufficient, and they lost to the Spurs 129-115.

The Spurs broke their 18-game losing streak and claimed victory against “The King” and the Lakers. This win improved their record to 4-20 and marked their first win since Nov. 2. They got revenge on the Lakers and won their second home game. San Antonio’s next challenge is against the New Orleans Pelicans, and the game will honor Tony Parker, one of the Spurs legends, with a re-raising of his jersey and the championship banners at Frost Bank Center, which will be packed as usual.

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