Shaquille O’Neal Considers Steph Curry a Potential All-Time Best Guard in the NBA

NBA icon Shaquille O’Neal found himself captivated by the remarkable display put on by Stephen Curry, the extraordinary Golden State Warriors athlete, during the highly anticipated match against the Boston Celtics. So impressed was Shaq by Curry’s prowess that he confessed to entertaining the thought of considering him as the “greatest player in history.”

Huyền thoại Michael Jordan lý giải vì sao Stephen Curry không phải PG xuất  sắc nhất lịch sử

Shaq had a unique perspective on the topic of the best and greatest player in basketball, but he made it clear that he believed the Warriors’ sharpshooter, Stephen Curry, deserved to be considered in the conversation. Shaq pointed out Curry’s consistent excellence in shooting over the years, as well as his impressive individual and team accomplishments. The ongoing debate about who holds the title of the best or greatest player in basketball is incredibly divisive. Usually, it comes down to Michael Jordan, but there are some who argue for other players. LeBron James, the Lakers forward, is often seen as the closest competitor to Jordan, and some even claim that he has already surpassed Jordan’s legacy. Including Stephen Curry in this discussion will only intensify the never-ending debate.

We ain't losing to nobody, EVER” – Shaquille O'Neal picks Steph Curry over  Michael Jordan for hypothetical best duo in NBA

Without a doubt, it is evident that Curry delivered an impressive performance at Chase Center during the Warriors’ victorious game against the Celtics, ending with a score of 132-126. With a remarkable display of skill, Curry dominated the court, accumulating 33 points, including six successful 3-point shots, while also contributing six assists and three rebounds within a span of 38 minutes. The notion that only LeBron James thrives as he ages gracefully in the NBA is debunked by Curry, who, at the age of 35, remains a formidable and potent force on the offensive front. The Celtics learned the harsh reality of this fact firsthand.

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