Shakira flaunts her stunning physique while having a blast bodyboarding with her adorable boys Sasha, aged five, and Milan, aged seven, at Barcelona’s sun-drenched shores.

During the lockdown period, the talented musician Shakira, aged 43, has been enjoying her time at her family residence in Barcelona. Taking full advantage of the beautiful surroundings, she recently took a trip to the beach with her two sons, Sasha (five years old) and Milan (seven years old). Embracing the seaside adventure, Shakira wore a wetsuit and impressed everyone with her bodyboarding expertise.

Beach day: Shakira, 43, made the most of her stunning location by heading to Barcelona beach with her sons Sasha, five, and Milan, seven, on Thursday

A Day at the Beach: Shakira, aged 43, took full advantage of the beautiful Barcelona beach by spending quality time there with her sons, Sasha (age 5) and Milan (age 7), on Thursday. The talented mother of two looked absolutely stunning in her trendy Roxy swimsuit, which had a cut-off style that highlighted her slim legs. Opting for a natural look, she chose to forego makeup for the day.

Her sons, dressed in matching red and black wetsuits, eagerly tried out their surfboards, having a great time before joining their mother in the water. After the beach fun, Shakira gave a glimpse of her toned waist when she changed into a strapless bikini top, while still looking effortlessly gorgeous. As the day came to an end, she gracefully loaded up the car.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Shakira has been kept busy taking care of her boys, while her partner and renowned Barcelona FC defender, Gerard Piqué, returned to the football pitch.

Summer fun: The singer showed off her figure in a wetsuit before stripping down to a strapless top as she loaded up the car

Enjoying the summer vibes, the songstress confidently flaunted her curves in a fashionable wetsuit before opting for a chic strapless top while packing up the car. Embracing her versatility, the talented singer managed to explore new interests during the lockdown period. In a recent revelation, she shared her accomplishment of completing an online course in Ancient Philosophy offered by the esteemed University of Pennsylvania. Humorously acknowledging the impracticality of her hobbies, she tweeted her gratitude to Plato and other influential philosophers for the intellectually stimulating month she had experienced.

Lesson from mum: The mum of two looked incredible in her Roxy suit, with the cut-off style showing off her legs

Motherly wisdom: The mother of two appeared stunning in her Roxy ensemble, accentuating her legs with the trendy cut-off design.

Skills: The Colombian beauty looked full of confidence as she ran out of the surf, board in hand

With great self-assurance, the radiant Colombian beauty emerged from the crashing waves, clutching her surfboard tightly in hand. Brimming with pride, Shakira shared her recent course certificate on Twitter, basking in the adoration of her fans who flooded the post with affectionate remarks. “We adore an intelligent queen,” praised @witness_fran. Meanwhile, @RaysGoat playfully mused, “Just picture the teacher saying ‘Alright, let’s randomly assign partners for this project’ and boom, you end up with Shakira.”

Family time: Her sons wore matching red and black wetsuits as their tried out their boards, before relaxing with their mum in the surf

Quality Time with Family: In a heartwarming scene, her sons can be seen sporting matching wetsuits in a vibrant red and black color combination. They confidently take to their boards and ride the waves, creating unforgettable memories alongside their mother. The love and connection between them are evident as they unwind and enjoy each other’s company in the soothing ocean.

Expressing Gratitude for Education: Amid the challenging times we face, @dojasruIes took a moment to express heartfelt appreciation for emphasizing the value of education. With a red heart emoji, she conveyed her love and admiration for the meaningful work being done and the powerful message being spread. This sincere Tweet exemplifies the impact and influence of education during turbulent periods. Shakira, undoubtedly, has made a positive impact on her followers.

Enriching Academic Pursuits: Demonstrating her passion for expanding her knowledge, Shakira enrolled in a short history course held at the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles in the summer of 2007. The pop sensation’s commitment to personal growth and intellectual development shines through as she seeks to broaden her horizons outside of her musical endeavors. Education continues to be an essential aspect of Shakira’s journey.

Halftime Spectacular: Just a mere four months ago, Shakira stole the spotlight as she co-headlined the iconic Super Bowl halftime show with Jennifer Lopez. The high-energy performance captivated audiences around the world and left a lasting impression in the hearts of many. The dynamic duo showcased their immense talent and entertained millions, marking yet another milestone in Shakira’s exceptional career.

Beauty and brains: The multi-talented singer has also found the time for some new hobbies during lockdown, recently revealing she completed an online course in Ancient Philosophy

Combining attractiveness and intelligence: Amidst the lockdown, the remarkably talented vocalist has managed to explore fresh pastimes, disclosing that she successfully finished an online program on the subject of Ancient Philosophy.

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