“Potato Chip Snacking at Disneyland: Shakira and Her Family Enjoy a Fun Day Out”

Shakira had an enjoyable weekend at Disneyland in Anaheim, California with her loved ones. The famous singer was spotted having a blast while trying out different rides and attractions at the famous theme park that is often called The Happiest Place on Earth. Additionally, the 41-year-old Colombian artist took some time off from her usual diet to indulge in a bag of Lay’s potato chips.

Fun day: Shakira took her family to Disneyland in Anaheim, California over the weekend

Shakira made her loved ones’ day unforgettable by taking them to the magical world of Disneyland in Anaheim, California last weekend. The visit was filled with excitement and joy that everyone enjoyed.

Cheat day: At one point the 41-year-old blonde crooner from Colombia was seen munching on a bag of Lay's potato chips

Shakira, the 41-year-old Colombian singer, was seen enjoying a day of indulgence as she munched on a bag of Lay’s potato chips. She chose a relaxed clothing style, blending sportswear items. Her outfit consisted of a red t-shirt that hid her body shape, combined with blue shorts and sneakers. To complete her look, she wore a light pink cap and full makeup.

Fam: She was with her partner of seven year Gerard Piqué and their kids Milan, aged five, and Sasha, aged three

Fam, the charming celebrity, was seen having a blast at an amusement park with her partner of many years, Gerard Piqué, and their two cute kids, Milan (5) and Sasha (3). A VIP tour guide and security guards were present to ensure their safety and comfort. They had a great time riding the train and getting colorful balloons to enhance their fun-filled day.

Not taking any chances: The beauty was seen with a VIP tour guide as well as security guards for her day out in the amusement park

The stunning person decided to play it safe by bringing along a VIP tour guide and security personnel when she visited the theme park.

IB Hearty indeed: And the Hips Don't Lie singer seemed to have a ball as she went on ride after ride on what has been dubbed The Happiest Place on Earth

Shakira had a blast at Disneyland, famously nicknamed The Happiest Place on Earth. She relished every moment of the thrilling rides and even posed for a photo with a character from the movie Coco. Holding a white guitar, she looked like a true rockstar. Shakira’s cheerful spirit was further evident in her choice of black Minnie Mouse ears, which had colorful accents and added to her excitement for the theme park.

Coco loco: Shakira was also seen posing with an animated character from the film Coco. She posed happily next to the figure that held a white guitar

Shakira was seen looking happy and joyful while taking a photo with a lively character from the famous film Coco. The character had a white guitar in hand, and Shakira appeared to be relishing the experience.

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