Miley Cyrus Stuns in a Daring Gucci Outfit, Adding a Spirited Vibe to Lollapalooza’s Opening Night alongside Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, and Billy Idol

She has a knack for attracting a large audience, and Miley Cyrus, who is 28 years old, certainly proved that when she took the stage at Lollapalooza in Chicago for the first night of the event on Thursday. With her mesmerizing performance, the talented singer-songwriter captivated the crowds in a captivating red jumpsuit by Gucci. But the excitement didn’t stop there. Miley delighted the audience even further by inviting some special guests to join her on stage, including Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, and her mentor Billy Idol.

Bringing the noise: Miley Cyrus, 28, draws a crowd at Lollapalooza in Chicago as she performs with special guests Billy Idol, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa

Making a ruckus: Miley Cyrus, aged 28, captivates a massive audience at the Lollapalooza event held in Chicago. The talented artist treated the crowd to an electrifying performance, joined on stage by noteworthy guests including Billy Idol, Juicy J, and Wiz Khalifa.

Party time! She brought the two rappers out and they performed a rendition of Juicy J's 'Bandz A Make Her Dance'

Let the festivities begin! The lively atmosphere sparked as she made a captivating move by inviting two talented rappers to join the celebration. With electrifying energy, they took the stage and flawlessly delivered an unforgettable rendition of Juicy J’s iconic track, ‘Bandz A Make Her Dance.’

Miley flaunted her slender legs in a stunning red Gucci jumpsuit adorned with sparkles, perfectly complemented by a pair of equally dazzling silver platform boots. Taking to Instagram, she excitedly shared, “The suit & boots were individually flown in from Italy and personally delivered to me. Now that’s what I call customized!” She playfully described her look as “bananas.” Adding a touch of allure, Miley styled her hair in a voluminous pseudo-ponytail and donned oversized black sunglasses to shield her eyes with a hint of mystery. As she took the stage, Cyrus delivered a captivating and edgy performance with 65-year-old music icon Idol, mesmerizing the audience with their duet of “Night Crawling.”

Double trouble! She and Idol lit up the stage with their song Night Crawling

A delightful duo! Together, she and Idol electrified the audience as they performed their thrilling track, Night Crawling.

Inspiration: Speaking about Idol to Rolling Stone she said 'He showed me that I could have balance, that I could make music that I and other people love'

During an interview with Rolling Stone, when asked about her inspiration, she revealed that Idol had played a significant role in her musical journey. She fondly recalled how he had taught her the importance of balance and the ability to create music that resonates with both herself and her audience.

Red hot!  'The suit & boots were hand flown in from Italy and delivered personally to me. THAT'S CUSTOM!,' she wrote of her Gucci look which she called 'bananas'

On fire! The suit and boots were personally flown in from Italy and delivered straight to me. That’s what I call true customization! Her Gucci outfit was simply extraordinary, she even described it as “bananas”.

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone in December, she candidly discussed how the iconic White Wedding singer influenced her music. She revealed that he taught her invaluable lessons about achieving musical balance.

His music had a profound impact on her. She admired how he flawlessly combined rebellion with infectious hooks. He showed her that it was possible to strike a perfect equilibrium in her own music, creating songs that both she and others would genuinely enjoy.

Adding a touch of hip hop to her set, she made a grand entrance with Wiz and Juicy J. Together, they electrified the audience with their rendition of Bandz a Make Her Dance. At one point, she even dropped to her knees after showing off her impressive twerking skills.

Packed house: 'F**K & the audience last night had enough energy to fuel a rocket! I love you!,' she remarked of her performance

Sold-out crowd: ‘WOW, last night’s show had an incredible atmosphere that could power a spaceship! I cannot express enough how much I adore you all!,’ she exclaimed about her outstanding performance.

Twerk: Miley let loose as she twerked her way through the set to the crowd's delight

Twerking: Miley unleashed her inner dancer as she enthusiastically swayed to the music, delighting the crowd.

The arrival of unexpected special guests created a wave of excitement among the crowd, who ecstatically sang along to the lyrics as Miley unleashed her true self, displaying her signature style. To amplify the thrill, she even brought out the popular Chicago Bulls mascot.

Eager to share her memorable night, Miley posted a series of pictures from the event, expressing her gratitude towards her band, crew, creative partners, and team. She showered them with praise, proclaiming them to be the best in the industry. The show itself exuded an abundance of passion and was fueled by the electrifying energy of the audience, which could power a rocket. Miley professed her love for her fans with utmost sincerity.

Apart from performing tracks from her latest album, Plastic Hearts, Miley surprised the audience by inviting The Kid LAROI to join her on stage for their collaboration, “Without You.” Furthermore, she delighted her fans by revisiting some of her older hits, including the chart-topping anthem, “Party In The USA.”

With the previous year’s cancellation of Lollapalooza due to the devastating impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, Miley’s action-packed performance was a redemption of sorts. She certainly made up for the lost time and gave the audience an unforgettable experience.

Night one in the books: The headliner let loose in true Miley fashion and even brought out the Chicago Bulls mascot for the festival performance

First night complete: The main act unleashed a wild and authentic Miley-style performance, surprising the crowd by inviting the Chicago Bulls mascot to join the festival spectacle.

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