Miley Cyrus showcases her Valentine’s Day vibes, revealing a daring neckline in captivating Converse shoot

Miley Cyrus pleasantly surprised her partner Liam on Valentine’s Day by sharing some enticing photos on social media. The talented singer showcased pieces from her fresh Converse collection through a series of red-themed snapshots, where she appeared glamorous in a revealing outfit that accentuated her cleavage. With her hair styled in pinned-up rollers, Miley playfully posed for the camera, donning heart-shaped glasses and rocking a captivating scarlet lipstick.

Miley Cyrus embraced the Valentine’s Day spirit by sporting a bold red ensemble while promoting her Converse line. The 25-year-old singer rocked a vintage vacuum cleaner as she confidently wore high-waisted hotpants paired with a bikini top featuring a tie detail. Adding a touch of sparkle, she completed her look with pink Converse shoes with glittery soles. In a boomerang clip, Miley can be seen sitting on a luxurious pink armchair, holding a heart-shaped balloon. In another photo, she expressed her love for Converse by captioning it, “Let’s celebrate love 365 @converse.” With her hair styled in loose waves, Miley exuded a vintage charm as she posed with a red heart showcasing her fiance Liam Hemsworth’s nickname, “LiLi.”

Home Goddess: In a photoshoot that showcases her versatility, the 25-year-old songstress exudes confidence as she dons an ensemble consisting of hotpants and a trendy bikini top adorned with an eye-catching tie detail. The narrative of the shoot revolves around her engaging with a charming vintage vacuum cleaner, effortlessly blending retro aesthetics with a touch of modernity.

Oh wow! In yet another video clip, the actress can be seen lounging on a luxurious pink armchair while playfully clutching a balloon shaped like a heart.

Let’s embrace the joy of love! Miley added a fun twist to her look with retro-style hair rollers during her fabulous photoshoot. In her most recent partnership with Converse, she has created a dazzling assortment of high top, low top, and platform shoes adorned with sparkles. The talented star unveiled sneak peeks of these fabulous shoes on her Instagram account last November, building anticipation among her fans. To add a personal touch, Miley’s initials, ‘MC,’ are showcased within a cheerful smiley face design located on the side of the heel. Let’s celebrate this unique collaboration and the spirit of love that Miley exudes in her fantastic shoe collection!

Exclusive! The talented singer proudly sported a special symbol of her love for fiance Liam Hemsworth. The release date for her new collection, MC x Converse, is still a mystery, but Miley excitedly announced that it will be coming soon. Miley and Liam’s relationship has had its ups and downs, with the couple getting engaged in 2012, separating the following year, and eventually reuniting in late 2015. Addressing recent speculation about their marital status, Liam’s brother Chris clarified in a recent radio interview that they have not officially tied the knot.

Engaged: Miley and Liam made the exciting commitment to marry in 2012, sadly parting ways the following year, but joyously finding their way back to each other in late 2016.

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