Miley Cyrus showcases her toned midriff during an enchanting evening with Cody Simpson… following a daring DIY haircut in alluring black lingerie

They certainly have a knack for enjoying themselves no matter where they go. Miley Cyrus exuded a cheerful demeanor as she headed out for some sushi with her boyfriend, Cody Simpson, on a Sunday evening in Los Angeles, California. Rocking a crop top, the 27-year-old confidently showed off her well-defined abs, which she recently showcased alongside her partner in some daring black lingerie snapshots posted on social media.

Out and about: Miley Cyrus was in a chipper mood as she stepped out for sushi with boyfriend Cody Simpson on Sunday evening in Los Angeles, California

Going on an outing: Miley Cyrus was in a cheerful state as she went out for sushi with her boyfriend Cody Simpson on a Sunday evening in Los Angeles, California. The famous singer showcased her midriff in a stylish grey cropped shirt with a plunging V-neckline as she navigated the parking lot. To complete her casual look, she paired the top with loose-fitting denim pants and wore clean white sneakers. To stay cozy during the chilly winter climate, she added a trendy camouflage puffer jacket to her outfit.

Lovers in LA: The 27-year-old flaunted her toned abdominal muscles in a crop top after sharing racy black lingerie pics alongside her beau on social media

Romantic in Los Angeles: The young woman, at the age of 27, proudly displayed her well-defined abs in a stylish crop top. Previously, she had delighted her followers by posting playful pictures of herself wearing alluring black lingerie, showcasing her intimate moments with her significant other on various social media platforms.

She must work out: The Wrecking Ball singer bared her belly in a grey cropped shirt with a deep V neckline as she made her way through the parking lot

Classic: She teamed her casual top with a pair of loose denim slacks and wore crisp white trainers on her feet

She is dedicated to staying fit: Miley Cyrus, known for her hit song “Wrecking Ball,” confidently flaunted her midriff in a stylish grey crop top featuring a plunging V-neckline while gracefully navigating through the parking area.

Cozy: Making sure to stay warm in the brisk winter weather, she added a puffy camouflaged jacket to her ensemble

Snug: In order to keep herself toasty during the chilly winter climate, she incorporated a fluffy camouflage coat into her outfit.

Miley made sure she stayed refreshed on the stroll from the parking lot to the eatery, clutching a steaming cup of coffee in one hand while grasping a bottle of Topo Chico mineral water with the other. To shield her eyes from the bright afternoon sun, she wore a stylish pair of sunglasses and effortlessly carried a sleek black leather wristlet on her arm. In perfect sync with his partner, 23-year-old Cody sported a dapper ensemble, donning lightwash jeans and completing the look with a snug letterman’s jacket, emphasizing his broad shoulders.

Drink up! Miley stayed hydrated on the walk from the lot to the restaurant with a cup of coffee in one hand and a bottle of Topo Chico mineral water in the other

Quench your thirst! Miley ensured she stayed refreshed while making her way from the parking lot to the eatery, holding a steaming cup of coffee in one hand and grasping a bottle of the rejuvenating Topo Chico mineral water in the other.

Shining bright: She shielded her eyes from the afternoon sun with a pair of sunglasses and carried a black leather wristlet on her arm

Glowing radiantly: She protected her eyes from the warm afternoon sun by donning a stylish pair of shades and clutched a sleek wristlet made of black leather in her hand.

A look: Cody, 23, matched his leading lady in a pair of lightwash jeans and threw a small letterman's jacket over his broad shoulders

Appearance: Cody, a 23-year-old individual, chose to wear lightwash jeans and complemented his lady companion’s attire. Furthermore, he added a stylish touch by draping a cozy letterman’s jacket over his well-built shoulders.

Hello there: Just the day before, the couple were in a more daring mood as they posted snaps with Miley dressed in black lingerie

Hey there! Only yesterday, the couple was feeling a bit bold and adventurous as they shared pictures of Miley rocking a sultry black lingerie outfit.

The couple had quite a bold and adventurous day before when they decided to share photos of Miley wearing black lingerie. These monochrome pictures depicted Cody, with his shaggy hair, kneeling in front of a mirror, while Miley struck a pose, holding a pair of scissors. One particular shot captured the Wrecking Ball singer wrapping her leg across her tattooed boyfriend’s neck and chest, while Cody gently rested his chin on her thigh. It’s worth mentioning that Miley recently concluded her divorce from Liam Hemsworth, with whom she had spent eight months of marriage and nearly a decade in a relationship.

Careful now! The black-and-white images showed shaggy-haired Cody kneeling in front of a mirror while Miley posed with a pair of scissors in hand

Be cautious! The monochrome pictures displayed Cody with disheveled hair as he knelt in front of a mirror, while Miley held a pair of scissors, ready to strike a pose.

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