Miley Cyrus showcases her sassy side with a feminist twist on the classic Santa Baby in Jimmy Fallon sketch

Surprisingly, Baby It’s Cold Outside seems to be the only outcast among Christmas songs. Recently, Miley Cyrus showcased a fresh rendition of Santa Baby during her appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In this delightful and festive sketch, the 26-year-old songstress playfully questioned the inappropriate content of the original lyrics, expressing her desire for fewer lewd text messages and unwarranted groping.

No thanks: Miley Cyrus asked for less d**k pics as she sang a new feminist version of Santa Baby for a Jimmy Fallon sketch on Thursday

Miley Cyrus, during a segment on Jimmy Fallon’s show, expressed her distaste for receiving inappropriate pictures and showcased her feminist twist on the classic song “Santa Baby.” She questioned the lyrics of the original version, particularly the line “Slip a sable under the tree for me,” pointing out that it referred to a fur which conflicted with her vegan lifestyle. Additionally, she humorously critiqued the materialistic nature of the song, stating that she’d prefer a car, a yacht, checks, and even ownership of a platinum mine. Miley playfully hinted at a potential romantic involvement with Santa Claus if he fulfills her extravagant requests. Before Jimmy could verify her improvised lyrics, Miley boldly began her revamped rendition, leaving Jimmy and fellow guest Mark Ronson scrambling to keep up with the revised words. Her modified version emphasized that she wasn’t interested in fancy jewelry but had something else in mind, asserting that she does not need presents from Santa on that particular night. As Miley sang, Jimmy retreated from presenting her with a diamond necklace he had prepared.

Classic: The 26-year-old joinedthe host on Thursday's Tonight Show for a Christmas-themed skit, in which she took umbrage at the outdated lyrics

Fresh Take: During a delightful skit on the latest episode of the Tonight Show, our vivacious 26-year-old guest joined the host to celebrate the holiday season. In this particularly festive segment, she playfully expressed her dissatisfaction with the antiquated lyrics that were being used.

Santa baby: 'Am I saying that I'm going to hook up with Santa if he buys me this stuff?' she asked

Santa darling: ‘Am I insinuating that I’ll engage in a romantic encounter with Santa if he fulfills my material wishes?’ she inquired.
‘I have no desire for diamonds, cash, or investments / nothing that arrives in a package / No more unnecessary things, I’ve reached my limit / and I can purchase my own belongings,’ she continued, eliciting a thunderous response from the audience.
‘Santa darling, I possess a luxurious car of my own, entirely independent / No loans / I acquired it all by myself, Santa darling / with absolutely no assistance from Elf on the Shelf.’
The song then took a slightly risqué turn, as Miley implored Santa Claus to combat harassment.

Winging it: Without time for the host to check her edits, Miley launched into her new version, while Jimmy and fellow guest Mark Ronson tried to keep up with the new lyrics in the background

Flying by the seat of their pants: With no opportunity for the host to review her modifications, Miley impulsively introduced her fresh take, as Jimmy and fellow guest Mark Ronson attempted to stay in sync with the altered lyrics playing faintly in the backdrop.

Edits: 'Santa baby, I don’t fancy any fancy jewelry, not me / I’ve got something else in mind Santa baby / and I don’t need your presents tonight,' she sang, as Jimmy backed off with the diamond necklace he was about to present her

“Santas sweetheart, I’m not really into extravagant jewels, not at all. I’ve got a different desire in mind, dear Santa. And I’m not in need of your gifts tonight,” she crooned, gracefully causing Jimmy to withdraw the diamond necklace he had been poised to offer her.

New take: 'Don’t want diamonds, cash or stocks / nothing that comes in a box / No more fluff, I’ve had enough / and I can buy my own damn stuff,' she continued, as the audience roared their approval

In a fresh perspective, her playful words resonated with the crowd as she expressed her disdain for material possessions. “I have no interest in diamonds, cash, or stocks, those boxed luxuries hold no appeal,” she emphasized, exasperated by the surplus of frivolous things. Her declaration was met with thunderous applause.
Addressing Santa directly, she made a humorous plea for a different kind of gift. “Listen here, Santa, let me impart, a girl’s dearest companion is fair pay, no interruptions when she imparts, and please don’t send me inappropriate pictures…” Before she could rhyme her next line, the skit came to an abrupt halt as Ronson’s phone rang incessantly.
Resuming their routine, they cheekily arranged the ornaments into an unconventional shape. Bringing her song to a close, Miley left the audience with a final request. “Dear Santa, what I truly desire is assurance that my workplace won’t condone harassment, so please, inform those vulgar individuals to forgo their chimney endeavors tonight. My apologies, Santa, just keep your chimney tucked away.”

Jokers: As the duo arranged the baubles on the three in a rather rude formation, Miley concluded her song

Jesters: In a playful manner, the pair playfully positioned the trinkets on the tree in a cheeky arrangement, leading Miley to bring her song to a close.

Ahem: 'Santa baby, I'd love to know my a** won't get grabbed, at work / By some ignorant jerk Tell the dirtbags / to put away their chimneys tonight / Sorry, Santa Just put away your chimney tonight.'

Ahem, listen up: ‘Dear Santa, I’d greatly appreciate knowing my personal space will be respected, especially in the workplace / No unwanted advances from clueless individuals Kindly request those misbehaving / to refrain from intruding tonight / My apologies, Santa Perhaps it’s best you leave your chimney untouched this evening.’

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