Miley Cyrus Praises Father Billy Ray as the Ultimate Mentor on The Voice Battle Rounds

During Monday’s episode of The Voice, Miley Cyrus spoke highly of her father, referring to him as the “perfect and only mentor”. To assist with the Battle Rounds of the show, the 24-year-old singer brought in country music artist Billy Ray Cyrus as a guest mentor. Together, they coached two contestants: Janice Freeman, 32, from California, and Katrina Rose, 34, from New York.

Proud daughter: Miley Cyrus talked highly of her father Billy Ray Cyrus during Monday's episode of The Voice as he served as her guest mentor

In Monday’s episode of The Voice, Miley Cyrus was joined by her father Billy Ray Cyrus as her guest mentor. As a cancer survivor and mother, Janice took on a Queens-based kickboxing instructor with Etta James’ “W.O.M.A.N.” Miley praised the song for its representation of womanhood and how it perfectly embodies what Team Miley stands for this season. During rehearsals, Billy Ray noted that both contestants had the Janis Joplin effect, which moved him and immersed his soul into the spirit of music. The emotional performance left both contestants in tears, and Billy Ray added that it was pure magic.

Father and daughter: Billy Ray was recruited by his daughter Miley to be a mentor

Dad and daughter duo, Billy Ray and Miley, have teamed up as mentor and mentee. Miley enlisted her father to guide her in her endeavors, and he gladly accepted the challenge.

Battle rounds: Katrina Rose and Janice Freeman were pitted against each other by Miley

During the battle rounds of the show, Miley Cyrus put her team members Katrina Rose and Janice Freeman against each other. The emotional intensity of the situation was acknowledged by Billy Ray Cyrus, who comforted the tearful contestants with kind words and hugs. Miley expressed her admiration for her father’s ability to handle such situations gracefully, and felt grateful for his mentorship. In the end, Janice remained on Team Miley but Jennifer Hudson didn’t hesitate to steal Katrina, recognizing her talent and potential.

Tough battle: Janice and Katrina battled it out to W.O.M.A.N. by Etta James

The competition was fierce as Janice and Katrina went head to head, dancing to the soulful tune of “W.O.M.A.N.” by Etta James.

The host: Carson Daly stood between Janice and Katrina as they awaited their fate

Carson Daly was positioned in the middle of Janice and Katrina while they nervously waited for their destiny. Oscar-winner Jennifer expressed her pride in being a woman because of the outstanding performances. Adam Levine couldn’t contain his excitement and exclaimed that the women had given an electrifying performance. In the first battle of the night, Jon Mero, a 31-year-old from Atlanta, and Brandon Brown, a 19-year-old from NYC, competed to remain on Adam’s team by performing The Temptations’ “I Wish It Would Rain.”

Oscar winner: Jennifer Hudson stole Katrina for her team after Miley named Janice the winner

After Miley declared Janice as the winner, Jennifer Hudson successfully stole Katrina for her team and won an Oscar. Joe Jonas offered valuable advice during rehearsals, expressing the importance of adding personal style to performances. In the end, Jon emerged as the ultimate champion.

Special mentor: Joe Jonas was helping Adam Levine with his singers

Joe Jonas played the role of a mentor to Adam Levine, assisting him with his team of singers.

Special talent: Jon Mero was named the winner of his Battle Round by Adam

Unique version: During the Battle Round of the singing competition, Jon Mero impressed Adam so much that he was declared the winner. Blake Shelton had invited Rascal Flatts to mentor his team and even he acknowledged Jon’s extraordinary talent by saying “Jon, you’re special”. Adam also praised Jon’s confidence and experience, making him stand out from the rest. Meanwhile, in another battle, Red Marlow from Tennessee and Ryan Scripps from California were pitted against each other by Blake.

Hard decision: Adam opted to go with Jon over Brandon Brown

Tough call: Adam made the choice to pick Jon instead of Brandon Brown. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s “Fishin’ In The Dark” helped Red emerge victorious in the round. Jennifer, who is 36, commended Red by saying, “Red, you’re definitely my kind of guy.” Miley also shared her thoughts and said that when one thinks of a country artist, they picture someone like Red.

Country stars: Blake Shelton was helped out by Rascal Flatts

Assistance from fellow country music stars: Rascal Flatts came to Blake Shelton’s aid.

Country singer: Red Marlow won his battle round against Ryan Scripps

Red Marlow, a renowned country singer, emerged victorious in the battle round against Ryan Scripps. In the subsequent round, Miley Cyrus paired Karli Webster and Addison Agen, hailing from California and Indiana, respectively. The two talented singers performed a soulful rendition of “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” originally sung by Cyndi Lauper in 1983. During rehearsals, Billy Ray was moved to tears, showcasing the emotional depth of their performance.

Down tempo: Addison Agen and Karli Webster performed a down tempo version of Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Addison Agen and Karli Webster delighted the audience with a slowed-down rendition of the classic hit, Girls Just Want To Have Fun. “You can’t fake the goosebumps,” one spectator remarked. Miley expressed how meaningful it was to have her father as a mentor during the performance. In an effort to make Karli feel comfortable, one of the coaches made a light-hearted joke about peeing on the bathroom lid.

Her mentor: Miley told Addison and Karli that her father Billy Ray was her mentor

During a conversation, Miley shared with Addison and Karli that her father Billy Ray had been her mentor. While Karli continued to stay with Miley, Adam and Jennifer arrived and competed to have Addison on their team. Ultimately, Adam was successful in acquiring the talented teen. Jennifer expressed disappointment and said, “I really wanted her to be on my team.”

Holding hands: Addison and Karli held hands as they waited to learn their fate

Addison and Karli intertwined their fingers while anticipating the outcome. Jennifer decided to pair 26-year-old Stephan Marcellus from New Jersey with the shy 15-year-old Shi’Ann Jones hailing from Kentucky. Despite their age difference, Shi’Ann and Stephan delivered a stunning performance of The Beatles’ “Oh! Darling,” ultimately leading Shi’Ann to victory. Adam praised both singers and noted that the competition was incredibly tight.

Strong singers: Shi'Ann battled it out against Stephan Marcells to a song by the Beatles

Impressive vocalists: Shi’Ann and Stephan Marcells competed against each other with a Beatles tune.

Teen talent: The 15-year-old singer unleashed a powerful voice that belied her years

Adolescent aptitude: The young vocalist, at only 15 years of age, impressed the judges with her commanding vocals that seemed to surpass her youthful demeanor. Blake, aged 41, expressed his belief that ‘Shi’Ann’ was a strong contender for the competition’s victory. Despite this, Stephan was ultimately recruited by Miley, who acknowledged his status as the sole male member of her team.

Into it: Stephan did not hold back during his turn

Stephan went all out when it was his turn.

The steal: Miley stole Stephan for her team from Jennifer

Rewritten: During the singing competition, Miley was able to add Stephan to her team, who was previously with Jennifer’s team. Meanwhile, Adam played matchmaker by pairing up two talented singers, 17-year-old California native Anthony Alexander and 24-year-old Michael Kight from Nashville. In their sing-off, Anthony won with his soulful rendition of The Weeknd’s “I Feel It Coming.” Adam was impressed with Anthony’s performance, stating that he possesses a unique quality that captivates his audience.

Raw talent: Michael Kight went up against raw talent Anthony Alexander

During the music competition, Michael Kight faced off against the raw talent of Anthony Alexander. The judges gave their feedback, with Blake acknowledging that the chosen song suited both performers but noticed Michael’s pitch accuracy was better. Jennifer expressed her excitement and complimented Adam’s team. Adam, on the other hand, comforted Anthony, saying that Michael is more experienced but wanted to help him grow as a performer.

The winner: Anthony was named the winner by Adam

Adam announced Anthony as the champion while expressing his surprise that Michael was not stolen by any of the other judges. Catch the upcoming episodes of The Voice on NBC every Tuesday. The previous season, which was won by Chris Blue in May, had Alicia Keys as his coach.

Season 13: Blake, Jennifer Miley and Adam are the season 13 coaches

In the thirteenth season of the show, the coaches are none other than Blake, Jennifer, Miley, and Adam.

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