Miley Cyrus Embraces a Natural Look in Malibu Get-Together, Expresses Interest in Discussing Rolling Loud Remarks with DaBaby

Renowned for her bold fashion choices, Miley Cyrus decided to embrace a more casual and au naturel appearance during a recent visit to her friends in Malibu. The talented 28-year-old artist effortlessly managed to balance a beverage on her phone as she gracefully exited her car and headed towards her friend’s residence.

Stepping out: Miley Cyrus went makeup-free while heading to her friend's house in Malibu on Thursday

Venturing Out: Miley Cyrus opted for a fresh-faced look as she made her way to a friend’s place in Malibu on Thursday. Embracing a casual style, Cyrus sported a crisp white t-shirt that revealed a glimpse of her well-defined midriff. Complementing her top, the renowned singer wore coordinating sweat pants, concealing her toned legs. To add some flair to her outfit, she went for leather loafers that caught the eye under the radiant Californian sun. While keeping her usual free-flowing blond hair in check, Cyrus opted for a sleek bun for this particular outing.

Keeping it consistent: The songwriter sported a stark white t-shirt and a pair of matching sweat pants during the outing

Maintaining cohesiveness: During the outing, the musician donned a crisp white t-shirt and a set of coordinating sweatpants.

Luscious locks: Her typically free-flowing blonde hair remained tied back in a tight bun while she made her way towards her pal's place

Gorgeous tresses: While she made her way to her friend’s house, she kept her typically flowing blonde hair tied back in a neat bun.
Cyrus’ recent outing happened just one day after she extended an offer to educate rapper DaBaby, who had faced backlash for making homophobic remarks during his performance at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami.
During his set, which took place last month, the 29-year-old artist made offensive comments relating to HIV/AIDS and the LGBT community in general.
Consequently, several concert organizers dropped the rapper from upcoming events and issued statements denouncing his remarks.
DaBaby later turned to his Instagram to apologize for his behavior and expressed his willingness to educate himself on the topics he had spoken about.

Lending a hand: Cyrus recently offered to educate DaBaby following a controversy stemming from his comments at the recently-held Rolling Loud festival

Extending a Helping Hand: Cyrus Offers to Educate DaBaby Amidst Recent Controversy at Rolling Loud Festival

In a generous gesture, Cyrus has taken it upon herself to extend a helping hand to DaBaby, following the backlash he faced due to his comments at the recently-held Rolling Loud festival. Taking to her personal account on Wednesday, Cyrus penned a heartfelt and comprehensive statement, highlighting her willingness to engage with individuals holding different viewpoints.

“As a proud and dedicated member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I have always endeavored to promote love, acceptance, and open-mindedness,” she expressed, underscoring her commitment to fostering understanding. Notably, the renowned singer, known for hits like “Party In The U.S.A.,” shed light on the perils of the internet, emphasizing its potential to incite hate and anger, exemplifying the pervasive cancel culture.

By lending her support, Cyrus hopes to draw attention to the impact of online discourse and encourage a more compassionate and empathetic approach to differing opinions.

Letting him know: The Disney Channel alum shared a lengthy message that was directed at the rapper to her Instagram account on Wednesday

Informing him: The former Disney Channel star posted a lengthy message to her Instagram account on Wednesday, specifically addressing the rapper.
The singer also expressed her optimism for the internet, recognizing its potential as a platform for learning, discussions, communication, and connections.
Miley Cyrus also mentioned that society tends to easily cancel individuals instead of practicing forgiveness, compassion, and personal growth.
In her closing remarks, she emphasized her commitment to educating herself on various issues relevant to the LGBT community.

Expressing her opinion: In the statement, Cyrus wrote that it was 'easier to cancel someone than to find forgiveness and compassion'

In her statement, Cyrus shared her perspective, stating that it is much simpler to condemn someone than to offer forgiveness and empathy. The singer emphasized the need for unity and progress, stating that division has no place in society. She acknowledged that knowledge is a powerful tool and expressed her eagerness to continue learning. Cyrus also extended an invitation to DaBaby to engage in a private conversation, expressing a desire to learn from each other and contribute to a future that is more just and understanding. The response from Cyrus’ fans varied, with some praising her openness to dialogue with the rapper, while others suggested that he should face the consequences for his actions.

Mixed reception: Although some of Cyrus' fans commended her for reaching out to DaBaby, others encouraged her to leave him alone

Mixed reaction: While certain fans of Cyrus applauded her for trying to connect with DaBaby, others urged her to refrain from any interaction with him.

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