Miley Cyrus Celebrates Hannah Montana Milestone in LA, Reveals Booze Relapse while Reportedly Maintaining Close Friendship with Yungblud

Miley Cyrus delighted her fans on Friday by posting a collection of exciting photographs on her Instagram. The talented 28-year-old artist captured these snapshots while commemorating the spectacular 15th anniversary of the premiere of the beloved TV show, “Hannah Montana,” at the renowned Rainbow Room in West Hollywood. Adding to the buzz, one of the photos featured Miley getting cozy with the talented musician Yungblud.

Wild night: Miley Cyrus posted a series of snaps to her Instagram account on Friday morning that had been taken during the previous night's celebration for Hannah Montana's 15th anniversary

Exciting Evening: Miley Cyrus delighted her fans with a lively Instagram post on Friday morning, showcasing her unforgettable night of celebration for the 15th anniversary of Hannah Montana. The singer chose a unique and trendy ensemble for the event, wearing a stylish light purple cropped t-shirt adorned with graphics from her beloved Disney Channel show.

To complete her fashion-forward look, Cyrus paired her top with a pair of light blue distressed jeans. These eye-catching jeans featured intricate floral embroidery and had stylish side slits on both legs. To accentuate her waistline, the singer chose a vibrant pink studded belt, adding a touch of playfulness to her outfit.

While accessorizing, the Wrecking Ball artist opted for silver bracelets and chains on both wrists, creating a cool and edgy vibe. Cyrus also embraced a matchy-matchy approach, applying purple eyeshadow that perfectly complemented her top.

Adding a touch of contrast to her overall appearance, the singer’s short blonde hair brought a unique element to the vibrant and colorful ensemble she showcased during the memorable evening.

Doing her own thing: During the event, Cyrus wore a shirt featuring an image of her portraying the Disney Channel character

Interesting choices: She also held up a pair of partially embroidered jeans with a light pink studded belt

Marching to the beat of her own drum: While in attendance at the event, Cyrus donned a trendy top adorned with an illustration of herself in character from her days on the Disney Channel. To complete her unique ensemble, she confidently showcased a stunning pair of jeans that had been expertly embroidered, paired with a beautifully embellished light pink belt that added a touch of elegance.

Then and now: The singer also posed with several of her friends, all of whom held up cardboard cutouts of her face

Back in the day: Cyrus, in the company of her pals, playfully gathered together for a photo, amusingly showing off cardboard replicas of her own face.

Historic venue: The event took place at the famed Rainbow Room in West Hollywood

Historical location: The event occurred at the renowned Rainbow Room in West Hollywood.
In a couple of her pictures, Cyrus adorned a pair of stylish pink velvet gloves and bold sunglasses, adding to her quirky ensemble.
The singer of “Party In The U.S.A” was captured striking poses alongside her friends, all of whom hid their faces behind cardboard cutouts featuring her own face.
Among her photos was one where she stood behind a pink cake shaped like a guitar, alongside her friend Orem Fedi, who held up one of the cutouts for the picture. The gathering also served as a celebration for his birthday.
She was also seen playfully pressing her posterior against someone who had dipped their hand into the cake.

Special occasion: Cyrus was seen posing behind a guitar-shaped cake with her pal Omer Fedi; the event was also meant as a birthday celebration for the musician

Unique and Original:

In a delightful moment, Cyrus was spotted striking a pose beside a cake shaped like a guitar, accompanied by her friend Omer Fedi. The gathering was not only an opportunity to celebrate the musician’s birthday, but also a special occasion for everyone involved.

Put to good use: The Wrecking Ball singer was pictured placing her rear end against a pal who had stuck their hand in the cake

Utilizing effectively: In an amusing photograph, the renowned singer known for her hit song “Wrecking Ball” was captured playfully pressing her buttocks against a friend while they placed their hand into a cake.

Accessorizing well: The singer wore multiple bracelets, rings and necklaces during the anniversary party

The singer at the anniversary party looked stylish by adorning herself with various bracelets, rings, and necklaces.
Afterwards, Cyrus captured a photo with The Kid Laroi, an Australian singer, who playfully made a peace sign towards the camera.
Her next two snapshots showcased her getting friendly with an Israeli guitarist, who had partially dyed red hair that created an interesting contrast with the light-colored outfit worn by the We Can’t Stop singer.
In the final photograph of the set, Cyrus struck a pose alongside both Fedi and her friend Yungblud. Throughout the event, there were moments where Cyrus was seen indulging in shots and washing them down with beer, while also engaging in flirtatious behavior with the 23-year-old musician.

Great friends: The singer was seen posing for a shot with her pal The Kid Laroi, who flashed a peace sign at the camera

Close pals: The vocalist was spotted capturing a moment with her buddy, The Kid Laroi, who playfully flashed a peace sign towards the lens.

Having a good time: At one point in the evening, the singer was seen knocking back multiple shots

One way of doing it: She proceeded to chase her liquor with a beer

Enjoying oneself: During the course of the evening, the vocalist was observed indulging in several rounds of shots, followed by calmly sipping on a refreshing beer.

Flirty friends: During her anniversary party, Cyrus was seen getting close with singer Yungblud, who was featured in her final Instagram photo

Party vibes: At her special anniversary bash, Cyrus was spotted getting cozy with none other than the talented singer Yungblud, who graced her latest Instagram snap.

Getting close: At one point, the Weird! singer placed his legs on top of the Wrecking Ball singer's lap

Coming closer: At a certain moment, the eccentric vocalist from the band Strange! playfully rested his legs on the lap of the renowned Wrecking Ball songstress.

Good times: Cyrus shared a pic with Yungblud who she was seen getting close to. But's claimed that the duo are 'just friends'

Fun Times: Cyrus shared a photo on social media with Yungblud, whom she was seen getting close to. However, it has been stressed that they are simply good friends. During the gathering, the Weird! singer affectionately stroked Cyrus’ hair and later playfully placed his legs on her lap while engaged in a conversation. In response, the actress playfully nibbled on his left index finger before they retreated to a secluded corner of the party. Despite their intimate moments, a source has confirmed that they are just part of a larger group of friends hanging out. The Malibu singer also took to Instagram to share more pictures from the event, as well as some screenshots from her time on the Disney Channel series. Her caption hinted at her recovery from the previous night’s wild party.

Rager: Miley was seen in other snaps downing shots of tequila

Partygoer: In other pictures, Miley was spotted enthusiastically drinking shots of tequila.

Bonding: The singer got close to Yungblud as they moved to a separate area

Connection: The vocalist developed a strong bond with Yungblud as they relocated to a distinct space.

Recovering: Miley shared some more snaps as she recovered from the night's antics

Recuperating: Miley delighted her fans with additional photos while she recuperated from the previous evening’s lively escapades.

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