“Grateful I Haven’t Crossed Paths: Anna Kendrick Reveals She Still Hasn’t Met Ryan Gosling, Despite Risqué Tweet – Slaying in Glam for Cover Shoot”

Celebrating the second anniversary of Anna Kendrick’s bold tweet about Ryan Gosling, the actress is reflecting on her cheeky words regarding the Hollywood heartthrob. Back in January 2013, the 29-year-old caught everyone’s eye with her tweet expressing admiration for 34-year-old Ryan in Gangster Squad. She humorously shared, “Ugh – NEVER going to a Ryan Gosling movie in a theater again. Apparently masturbating in the back row is still considered ‘inappropriate’.” It’s clear that Anna isn’t afraid to speak her mind and share her witty humor with the world.

Yep, I said it: Anna Kendrick appears on the cover of the February issue of Nylon magazine, in which she addresses her infamous racy tweet about Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling

Anna Kendrick graces the cover of Nylon magazine’s February issue, where she opens up about her now infamous tweet about Ryan Gosling. Speaking with the publication, Anna reveals that she is relieved she’s never had a face-to-face encounter with the Hollywood heartthrob. She admits she’s not embarrassed about the tweet but fears that if she ever did meet Ryan, she would probably end up making the situation even more awkward by trying to address the tweet.

Hollywood heart-throb: Anna has revealed that she has yet to come face-to-face with Ryan Gosling - who last year welcomed a daughter with actress Eva Mendes - since her post

Anna, a popular Hollywood actress, recently shared that she has not had the chance to meet Ryan Gosling in person. Ryan, who became a father with actress Eva Mendes last year, has not crossed paths with Anna since her social media post.

Titillating tweet: In January 2013, the actress tweeted about the star after watching him in Gangster Squad

Exciting tweet: Back in January 2013, the actress shared her thoughts on the star’s performance in Gangster Squad. Despite facing some backlash, the Into The Woods star isn’t afraid to speak her mind on Twitter about a variety of topics. She boldly stated, ‘I don’t care. Twitter only gives me 140 characters to work with, so there’s not much room for regret. If anything, I wish some of my tweets were more impactful or concise.’ In the photoshoot that accompanied her interview, Anna looked stunning in a range of outfits, from chic baggy jeans to a sophisticated white dress paired with a sleek blazer, striking sultry poses effortlessly.

Strike a pose: Anna is seen donning an array of stunning outfits in her accompanying shoot

Strike a pose: Anna is rocking some amazing ensembles in the photoshoot that accompanies her feature.

Blossom: During her intreview with Nylon, the actress also opened up about being a late bloomer

Blossom discussed her journey as a late bloomer in her interview with Nylon magazine.

 It's in her jeans: The brunette beauty is also seen wearing double denim in the fun and flirty editorial

In her latest photo shoot, the dark-haired stunner is rocking a double denim look that is both fun and flirty. In a recent interview with Nylon magazine, Anna shared that she was a late bloomer, reminiscing about her days as the smallest student in her class and joking about never expecting to develop curves like boobs.

Hot off the presses: The February issue of Nylon, featuring Anna Kendrick, is on sale now

Fresh off the press: The latest edition of Nylon magazine is now available, showcasing Anna Kendrick on the cover.

“I remember feeling reassured when I heard that guys appreciate all types of breasts – small or big, they like them all! I thought, ‘That’s great news!'” The actress, who was romantically linked to cinematographer Ben Richardson in August, recently graced the cover of Fashion magazine, where she discussed what she looks for in a partner.

“I’ve always been more drawn to down-to-earth types, not the flashy or charming ones,” she said. Kendrick recounted a humorous story where a date picked her up in a Mustang, leaning on the hood as she watched from her apartment window, thinking it would end badly.

She added, “The type of guy you should avoid falling for is someone who thinks it’s funny to let go of the steering wheel as a joke or make you uncomfortable for their amusement – unfortunately, this is more common than you imagine.”

Don’t miss out on the February issue of Nylon, available now.

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