“From Poolside Glam to Bold & Sassy: Miley Cyrus’ Provocative Comeback”

This week, Miley Cyrus has been treating her Instagram followers to some attention-grabbing images. On Wednesday, the 26-year-old singer shared three pictures of herself in a swimming pool, wearing an array of jewelry and a cute pink-and-white Dior bikini. In one of her captions, the openly bisexual star got a little risqué, asking her followers how she made them feel.

Pool time: Earlier this week Miley posted several photos from the shoot

On Wednesday, Miley Cyrus shared three snapshots of her time spent in a swimming pool. In the pictures, the songstress can be seen sporting heavy makeup complete with dark eyeliner and bright red lipstick while slicking her hair back from the water. Cyrus also captioned the photos with the phrases “Came thru drippin’ (drip drip)” and “The face I make when y’all rushin me to drop music. #CantRushPerfection #ShesCumming.” Additionally, she gave credit to photographer Alice Moitie for capturing the images. One photo shows the star holding onto the edge of the pool while another shows her gracefully doing the backstroke.

Naughty lady: The wife of Liam Hemsworth also got a little raunchy in her captions. In one the openly bisexual star said, 'How wet I make you b****es'

Playful woman: Liam Hemsworth’s spouse added a touch of spice to her captions by being a little risqué. In one post, the openly bisexual celebrity asked, ‘How aroused do I make you, ladies?’

Yesterday, Miley was talking on the phone with a lot of jewelry on and asking her father for money to attend summer gigs with @alicemoitie. She also uploaded a picture of herself wearing only a yellow hat, announcing that she’s ready to party during festival season this summer. However, it seems like Miley is getting ahead of herself since spring doesn’t even begin until March 21.

In the swim: The Last Song star was heavily made up with dark eyeliner and bright red lipstick with her hair slicked back from the water

Taking a dip in the water, the popular actress from The Last Song was sporting a heavy makeup look with dark eyeliner and bright red lipstick. Her hair was slicked back as she proudly flaunted her tattoos, which included a dream catcher and a cross. Being seated on a white lounge chair in the middle of a desert with the barren mountains and a few drought-resistant plants in the backdrop made for quite the view. The star was also spotted sitting atop a rooster while wearing a T-shirt, hat, and sandals, jokingly adding that she’s headed to Woodstock after riding a wrecking ball.

Her statement: Cyrus shared a nude photo of herself to Instagram on Tuesday. She wrote in her caption, 'Festival season is here, I'm queer and ready to party! Lets go summer 2019'

Cyrus caused a stir on Instagram by sharing a nude photo of herself along with the caption, ‘Festival season is here, I’m queer and ready to party! Lets go summer 2019’. The singer is gearing up for her performance at the Woodstock 50th festival in New York on August 16, 17 and 18. Interestingly, the revealing photos come after she opened up about her first kiss with another girl during an interview on the podcast RuPaul: What’s the Tee with Michelle Visage. According to Cyrus, growing up in the South made it hard for people to understand her relationship with another girl in middle school.

Silly Cyrus: 'Woodstock here I come ! When I’m not riding a wrecking ball , you can find me on a giant cock,' joked the hitmaker

In a recent statement, Miley Cyrus made a playful reference to her upcoming appearance at Woodstock while also joking about riding a giant rooster. The singer has always been an avid supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, even during her days as a teen star on Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana. She expressed how important it was for her to be vocal in her support of her gay friends, as few others were speaking out at the time. Miley recently appeared as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race and spoke highly of the show’s message of self-acceptance. She emphasized that the show’s focus isn’t solely on sexuality but rather on being true to oneself. Loving and accepting yourself is what matters most, regardless of who you love romantically.

Thirsty girl: The star also shared this photo with the caption, 'It's feelin like Summer. I'm feelin myself. AND I'm feelin these selfies... More to come!'

The female celebrity posted a photo expressing her thirst with the caption, “It seems like summer, and I’m feeling great about myself. I also love these selfies, and I’ll be posting more soon.”

High fashion: The cover girl was in a Chanel bikini top. She said she was loving her look

In the world of high fashion, the cover girl was sporting a chic Chanel bikini top and feeling fabulous. Miley Cyrus, who recently tied the knot with Liam Hemsworth, spoke openly with Vanity Fair about their relationship and how they are breaking down barriers for queer individuals in hetero relationships. Miley expressed that her identity as a queer person is a significant part of her pride, and she doesn’t believe sexuality or gender plays a big role in modern relationships. According to Miley, sex and gender are small and almost irrelevant components of partnerships.

Happy: The pop star and her husband Liam are pictured at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in February

The famous singer and her spouse were spotted looking joyful at the Vanity Fair Oscar event held in February.

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