“Exuding Confidence: Miley Cyrus Flaunts Sultry Lingerie in a Playful Bathroom Photoshoot, Paying Homage to 2013 Anthem ‘We Can’t Stop'”

Ahead of her upcoming performance on Saturday Night Live, Miley Cyrus is making sure to generate excitement through her active social media presence. The singer has been sharing various snapshots showcasing her stunning attire, including a white tank top and sheer trousers, inside a bathroom. With a playful nod to her hit song “We Can’t Stop,” Cyrus humorously captions the post, “Everyone’s in line in the bathroom. Trying to get a line in the bathroom.”

Rephrased: Miley Cyrus has been putting in extra effort on her social media to generate excitement for her upcoming appearance on the NBC sketch show, hosted by the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. In a post shared on Thursday, Miley enhanced her sex appeal by striking poses between two bathroom stalls, creatively using the unglamorous surroundings to highlight her stunning appearance. She showcased her numerous arm tattoos with a revealing top, and her skin-tight pants added a touch of elegance with black ostrich feathers below the knee, gracefully covering her black heels. To complete her ensemble, the former Hannah Montana star wore long black PVC gloves and accessorized with bold gold bracelets and multiple necklaces.

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The pop singer exuded an exotic charm as she posed in a bathroom, wearing a stylish white tank top paired with translucent trousers. In a clever nod to her popular track “We Can’t Stop,” she playfully captioned the photos with lyrics from the song, referring to the crowded bathroom scenario with the words, “A long line in the bathroom, everyone trying to get their turn.”

Promo: Miley, aged 28, confidently struck her poses while positioning herself between two rows of stalls featuring gleaming metallic doors and humorously exclaimed, “Everyone queuing up for the restroom! Trying to create a line in the restroom.” The upcoming SNL performance alongside Australian teenage sensation The Kid Laroi has prompted Miley to incorporate bathroom selfies as a significant element in her promotional campaign. Before her rehearsals on Thursday, she took a moment to share a bathroom selfie documenting her stylish outfit and makeup session. Her tousled, bleach blonde hair exuded a carefree vibe, while her black lashes and glossy lip color added a touch of glamour.

Star power: The Hannah Montana alum enhanced her outfit by adding long black PVC gloves, along with chunky gold bracelets and multiple necklaces. “Feelin this way today,” she captioned the Instagram photo, where she struck a pose with one hand stretched out against the bathroom wall, while holding her cellphone up to the mirror to capture the moment. To complete her look, she wore a vibrant one-shoulder dress with a bold print, and adorned herself with an abundance of oversized gold jewelry. Later, she was spotted leaving the Bowery hotel in the NoHo neighborhood of New York City on Thursday, accompanied by her mother Tish.

Smokin’: She appeared absolutely dazzling in that breathtaking ensemble.

‘Feeling Like This Today:’ Furthermore, on Thursday, Miley decided to share a stunning bathroom selfie on Instagram just before making her way to practice for the upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live.

A declaration was made that she was seen in the same outfit leaving the Bowery hotel in the NoHo neighborhood of New York City on Thursday, accompanied by her mother Tish Cyrus.

Prior to this, she had previously shared another selfie in the bathroom, which was taken while she was on her flight from LA to New York City.

For her flight, Miley opted for a black oversized graphic hoodie and a pair of grey sweatpants adorned with bright red anarchy symbols on one leg.

She also added a loosely tied gingham print tie around her neck and playfully posed for the camera in the compact airplane bathroom.

Mid-air Antics: Last Wednesday, she thrilled her fans by sharing some playful bathroom selfies from her flight from Los Angeles to New York City. The talented singer playfully posed for the camera inside the cramped airplane restroom.

While Miley is currently in the limelight for her recent appearance on SNL, Brody Jenner, the son of Caitlynn Jenner, has been candidly discussing his ex-wife Kaitlynn Carter’s brief romance with the Wrecking Ball songstress back in 2019.

Brody revealed that he was completely taken aback when Kaitlynn started dating Miley, especially since she had never shown any previous interest in women. His surprise was evident as he expressed his thoughts on their past fling during a sneak peek clip for the upcoming second season of The Hills: New Beginnings, stating that “the whole lesbian thing was quite shocking.”

In a recent teaser for the reality show The Hills: New Beginnings, Brody Jenner candidly confronted his estranged wife, Kaitlynn Carter, about her brief relationship with pop sensation Miley Cyrus. During their on-screen interaction, Brody expressed his surprise, stating that throughout their entire relationship, Kaitlynn had never mentioned any interest in females. Kaitlynn, however, disputed his comments, claiming they were not entirely fair. Undeterred, Brody continued to address the issue, reminding her that she had previously told him that she was not attracted to girls. This trailer marks the first time Brody has publicly acknowledged his ex’s romance with Miley.

Former partners: In 2019, Kaitlyn and Miley had a short-lived romance following Miley’s separation from her husband, Liam Hemsworth, who had starred alongside her in the TV show Hannah Montana. In a video, Brody expressed his thoughts by saying, “The whole situation with them being in a lesbian relationship was quite intense.”

How they used to be: Brody, aged 37, who is the son of Caitlyn Jenner and Linda Thompson, and Kaitlynn were never formally wed in the United States. Their relationship came to an end in 2019 after being together for five years.

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