“Exclusive: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s First Public Appearance as Newlyweds Reveals Angelina’s Intimate Thigh Tattoo”

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who recently got married in France, were spotted enjoying their honeymoon on a luxury yacht in Malta with their six children. The couple took some time off from working on their new film project, By The Sea, to spend quality time with their family. The pair looked happy and in love, showing off their newlywed glow while on board the yacht.

Honeymoon: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie rented a luxury yacht off the island of Malta on Saturday

Celebrity couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie chose to spend their honeymoon aboard a luxurious yacht near Malta. Despite being in a long-term relationship since 2005, the couple’s affection for each other was evident during their outing. Angelina wore a sporty outfit consisting of a black vest top, running shorts, and a baseball cap, while Brad opted for a dark T-shirt and board shorts. During their time on the yacht, the pair stood at the stern together, gazing out to sea, and Angelina even reached up to ruffle her new husband’s hair tenderly.

Thigh tattoo: Angelina's inking is thought to read 'Whiskey Bravo' in honour of her partner, whose real name is William Bradley Pitt

Angelina Jolie’s thigh tattoo is believed to spell out ‘Whiskey Bravo’ as a tribute to her significant other, William Bradley Pitt.

Tender touch: Angelina gave Brad's head a scratch as Knox looked on

Angelina gently scratched Brad’s head while Knox observed.

All aboard: The superstars were joined by several friends as they sunned themselves on the yacht

Everyone got on board as the celebrities were accompanied by a group of their buddies while they enjoyed basking in the sun on the luxurious yacht.

Kitted out: Angelina made sure her kids were all wearing life vests before they tried any extreme sports

Equipped: Prior to indulging in any daring activities, Angelina ensured that her children were adorned with life jackets.

Doting mum: Angelina gave Maddox some advice before he headed out to sea

Loving mother Angelina offered some guidance to her son Maddox before he set sail.

Afternoon dip: Zahara, Shiloh and Knox enjoyed a splash in the ocean together

During the afternoon, Zahara, Shiloh and Knox had a fun time in the ocean, taking a dip and playing around together.

Good company: The gang indulged in some crisps and drinks on board the boat

Great company: The group enjoyed snacking on some chips and sipping on beverages while cruising on the boat. Interestingly, Angelina sported a pair of tiny shorts that revealed a glimpse of her inner thigh tattoo – a rare sight for the public eye. The tattoo, which she acquired in 2010, is believed to depict ‘Whiskey Bravo’, a civil aviation code for ‘WB’, representing the initials of her beau, William Bradley Pitt. When asked about the tattoo, the actress responded with a simple statement: ‘It’s for Brad.’

Leggy: Angelina showed off her legs in her skimpy shorts, which she teamed with a simple vest top

Angelina flaunted her long, slender legs in her revealing shorts, paired with a basic tank top.

Chowing down: Brad emerged from the kitchen clutching a sandwich

Chowing down: Brad emerged from the kitchen clutching a sandwich

Munching away: Brad appeared from the culinary area with a firm grip on his sandwich.

Home video: The hunk was in charge of manning the camcorder and recording all their holiday memories

During their vacation, the attractive person was responsible for handling the video camera and capturing all of their cherished moments on film.

Hands-on: The World War Z star gave his new bride some photography tips

In a practical session, the leading actor of World War Z imparted some photography advice to his newly wedded wife.

Vantage point: The duo looked out to sea from the back of the boat

Perspective: From the stern of the vessel, the pair gazed towards the vast expanse of the ocean.

Group shot: The family sat down around the table to eat a light lunch all together

The whole family gathered around the dining table to enjoy a simple and refreshing lunch. A group picture was taken to capture this moment of togetherness.

Casual: Brad was dressed down in a waterproof top and shorts, shielding his eyes from the sun with Aviators

Informal: Brad was sporting a waterproof shirt and shorts, sporting Aviators to protect his eyes from the sun’s glare. The family was busy capturing memories as they snapped photos of their children Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Vivienne and Knox, both six years old, enjoying their time on the boat and frolicking in the water. The lively bunch got involved in various water activities, with the little ones trying their hand at tubing.

Happy families: Six-year-old Knox cuddled up to his parents while his siblings played in the sea

Happy families: Six-year-old Knox cuddled up to his parents while his siblings played in the sea

Content paraphrased: Knox, a six-year-old boy, was seen snuggling with his parents on the beach while his brothers and sisters frolicked in the water. The scene depicted a happy family enjoying a day out at the seaside.

Joking around: The pair seemed blissfully happy during their honeymoon

Having fun: It was evident that the newlyweds were absolutely thrilled during their romantic getaway.

Front row seats: The adults watched on happily as the children ventured out to sea

The grown-ups were content while observing the kids as they journeyed towards the open waters in their boats.

Tatted up: Angelina's inkings were visible on her upper body thanks to her strappy vest top

Angelina’s upper body tattoos were on full display, thanks to the strappy vest top she was wearing.

Laid back: Angelina was taking a well-earned break from her new movie, By The Sea

In a relaxed state, Angelina was enjoying some downtime from her latest project, By The Sea. This movie is a joint effort between her and Brad, where Angelina wrote and directed the film while also starring alongside her husband. It’s been a while since they’ve acted together since their iconic meeting on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith. By The Sea follows the story of a married couple trying to rekindle their relationship by taking a vacation together.

Water sports: They readied themselves with the cameras as their eldest children tried tubing

As the parents eagerly prepared their cameras, their older children geared up for a thrilling adventure on the water – tubing!

Safety-conscious: Angelina supervised  the outing from the safety of the yacht

Angelina, being cautious about safety, kept a watchful eye on the outing while staying aboard the yacht.

Taking a break: Angelina and Brad left the high-speed stunts to the youngsters

Relaxing Moment: Angelina and Brad decided to let the young ones handle the high-speed stunts.

Action shot: The gang took to the waters on their octopus-shaped contraption

Snapshot: The crew hopped aboard their unique octopus-inspired watercraft and hit the waves.

Speedboat: A local worker made sure the kids were safely on board

As the speedboat pulled up to the dock, a friendly local worker made sure that every child was safely on board before departing.

Full speed ahead: The Jolie-Pitt kids made the most of their action-packed afternoon

The children of Jolie-Pitt family had a thrilling and exciting afternoon. They fully enjoyed themselves with all the activities they engaged in.

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