Emma Watson’s Bold Photoshoot and Candid Interview: The Feminist Star Talks About Her Childhood in the Public Eye and Embracing True Confidence

Emma Watson is currently promoting the live action remake of the popular 1991 Disney cartoon, Beauty and the Beast. She shows off her beauty as she poses for a stunning photo shoot in the March edition of Vanity Fair. In one of the artistic images, Emma goes topless while protecting her modesty with a caged capelet. Emma, who rose to fame as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, is known for her strong feminist views and activism. In the article, she talks about growing up in the spotlight and how winning an Oscar is not a priority for her.

A vision: Emma Watson proved she slots perfectly into her title role as she posed for a stunning shoot in the March issue of Vanity Fair , in which she dazzled as she went topless in an artistic image while protecting her modesty with just a caged Burberry capelet

Emma Watson looks stunning in her title role as she poses for a photo shoot featured in the March issue of Vanity Fair. In one particular image, Emma bares it all as she sports a caged Burberry capelet that protects her modesty while leaving little to the imagination. The shot is daring and artistic, highlighting her natural beauty and high fashion style. Alongside this image, Emma graces the cover in a frothy white gown, contrasting her punky hairdo with the words “The Bewitching Emma Watson.” She pairs the capelet with a high-waisted lace skirt from the same luxury brand, creating a muted palette that perfectly complements the dramatic shoot. With an edgy cropped hairstyle styled into bouncy curls and minimal makeup, Emma looks strikingly beautiful in every shot.

Social media backlash: Emma faced with social media backlash accusing her of being a 'hypocrite' for posing almost topless for Vanity Fair - but her fans have come back fighting in defence of the actress

The popular actress from Harry Potter, who is 26 years old, recently spoke to a prestigious magazine about her celebrity status. She stated that she is too serious for the title. Emma made headlines back in 2009 when she declared that she would not undress for just anyone. Some people may criticize the recent photo shoot as it seems to contradict her feminist beliefs. However, Emma has been vocal about not allowing stylists to dictate her image and her stance on sexy shoots. Emma believes that revealing less is more and that people can “wonder” more when less is revealed. She stated that she would only strip for renowned arthouse director Bernardo Bertolucci. Emma’s decision is not to do anything just for shock value or to please others.

Getting deep: Emma, who soared to fame in 2001 playing Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, gave an extremely insightful interview to accompany her stunning shoot as she delved into the wild world of Hollywood and where she stands as a former child star

In a recent interview, Emma, known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise, shared her thoughts on the entertainment industry and her evolution as an actress. She expressed that while she would consider taking on a role that required nudity, it would have to be integral to the character and not just a strategic move to distance herself from her iconic role. Emma credits her film Beauty and the Beast as the project that helped her transition from a child star to a more mature actress, stating that it felt like a pivotal moment in her career.

A woman: It seems Beauty And The Beast has been Emma's true coming-of-age film, as she attributes the blockbuster, a live action remake of the 1991 cartoon, as becoming 'a woman' - from Hermione to Belle

Emma has revealed that watching the live action remake of Beauty And The Beast has marked her transition into womanhood. She credits the blockbuster, which is based on the 1991 animated classic, for helping her grow from Hermione to Belle.

It's a hit: The 1991 cartoon edition of the movie is one of the most famous animations of all time

Changing it up: Emma put her own touches on the movie when she scooped the role as Belle

Back in the day, things were different. But now, she’s busy promoting the new live action version of the beloved 1991 fairy tale cartoon, Beauty and the Beast. Check out the comparison between the old cartoon and the new live action take.

The well-known feminist, who actively advocates for women’s rights, proudly recognized Belle as a Disney princess while emphasizing that she is not a passive character. Emma Watson was determined to put her spin on the character and turned the classic dreamy bookworm into the assistant of her inventor father. Belle is currently in the process of inventing a modern washing machine so she can enjoy reading while the washer does the work. In the original costume sketches, Belle was depicted wearing ballet pumps, which did not sit well with Emma. She insisted that Belle wear riding boots to ensure that she could assist in manual labor in the French village setting.

Now and then... Emma was an instant hit as she starred as Hermione Granger in the movie adaptions of wildly popular literary series

From time to time… Emma made a big splash when she portrayed the beloved character of Hermione Granger in the film adaptations of an immensely popular book series.

Her hero: Emma revealed that she showed the final cut of Beauty And The Beast to legendary feminist Gloria Steinem (pictured in 1997), who she revealed she was desperately seeking a seal of approval from so as to ensure her portrayal of Belle was true to women.

Emma sought the approval of feminist icon Gloria Steinem and her mother after completing the final cut of Beauty and the Beast. Despite her impressive body of work at the young age of 26, Emma is unique in that she does not prioritize winning an Oscar. Her focus is on the message conveyed by movies rather than accolades. She believes that a film needs to say something important for people to hear before she can consider it truly successful. This issue is particularly relevant in light of La La Land’s success during awards season and Emma Stone’s win for Best Actress at the Oscars.

What Oscar? While she has determinedly created an impressive catalogue of work at just 26, it seems Emma contrasts to her peers in some ambitions as she admits to having no interest in winning an Oscar

Who cares about the Oscars? Emma, who is only 26 years old, has already accomplished a lot in her career. However, she is different from her peers in one aspect as she openly confesses that winning an Academy Award doesn’t interest her.

Have you ever wondered what could have been? Emma Watson is currently promoting her role in Beauty and the Beast, but rumors suggest that she missed out on a major opportunity with the Oscar-winning film La La Land. According to the New York Post, Emma was offered the lead female role of aspiring actress Mia but turned it down due to her supposedly “crazy demands” such as wanting rehearsals to be done in London. Despite efforts to accommodate her requests, Emma ultimately decided the film wasn’t right for her. Emma’s parents are both English lawyers, with whom she split her time after their divorce when she was young.

Could have been you? Emma claimed she did not care about winning an Oscar - after reportedly missing out on the role of Mia in La La Land, which won Emma Stone an Academy Award on Sunday

“Did you know that Emma Watson could have been in the movie La La Land and won an Oscar like Emma Stone did? However, Emma Watson has mentioned that winning an Academy Award was not something she particularly cared about.”

Happy times: Emma's mother is Jacqueline Luesby (pictured together at The Early Show in 2007), who she lived with in Oxfordshire on weekdays following the divorce

Daddy's girl: Emma would spend her weekends with her father Chris (pictured at The Early Show in 2009) in London. She admits books and reading helped forge a connection with the two

Emma, the daughter of English lawyers Jacqueline Luesby and Chris Watson, spent her childhood divided between her mother’s home in Oxfordshire during the week and weekends with her father in London after her parents’ divorce. Despite being on film sets from a young age, Emma was able to find a sense of normalcy through her love of books. Her dedication to her studies was evident when she achieved eight A* and two A grades while filming for Harry Potter. Books not only provided an escape from the glamour of the film industry but also helped connect Emma with her father. Sharing moments of reading together before bed and doing different voices created cherished memories for the star. Books became more than just a connection to friends and the outside world; they provided empowerment and a reliable friend. The Vanity Fair March issue featuring Emma’s interview will be available on March 3.

The gang! The conscientious star achieved eight A* and two A grades while taking her GCSEs during Harry Potter filming (pictured with co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint (centre-right)

The group of friends! One of the dedicated actors managed to secure an impressive academic achievement with eight A* and two A grades in her GCSEs while working on the set of Harry Potter (seen posing with co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint in the middle-right).

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