“Emma Watson Shines in Nude Embellished Fairytale Gown at Beauty And The Beast Shanghai Premiere”

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens are co-starring in the upcoming movie based on the Disney classic Beauty And The Beast. Emma graced the premiere in Shanghai, China dressed in a beautiful embellished nude gown with a cape. Her outfit perfectly complemented her elegance and grace, especially when posing with Dan, who is playing the Beast and the handsome prince. Watch the video below for more glimpses of their stunning looks.

Off with her cape: Emma Watson wore a nude embellished fairytale gown as she joined Dan Stevens at the Beauty And The Beast premiere in Shanghai on Monday

Stunning: She looked incredibly elegant in her ensemble

Emma Watson stunned in a nude embellished fairytale gown as she attended the Shanghai premiere of Beauty and the Beast alongside Dan Stevens on Monday. She ditched her cape for the occasion.

Sweet: The movie adaptation of the famous fairytale, follows the fantastic journey of Belle, a bright, beautiful and independent young woman who is taken prisoner by a beast in his castle

The movie based on the well-known fairytale is an exciting adventure that portrays the story of Belle, a smart, stunning, and self-sufficient young woman who gets captured by a monstrous beast in his castle. Despite her initial trepidation, she establishes a bond with the magical staff of the castle and discovers the generous spirit and inner beauty of the Prince lurking behind the beastly facade. The recent adaptation of Beauty And The Beast has introduced a new twist, featuring Belle as an inventor instead of her father, and includes additional songs to complement those already present in the 1991 film’s soundtrack.

He's no monster: Posing alongside her co-star Dan Stevens, who plays both the Beast and the handsome prince, she looked incredibly elegant in her ensemble

The Beast isn’t so scary after all! In a recent photo with her fellow actor Dan Stevens, who portrays the Beast and the charming prince in the film, she looked absolutely graceful in her outfit.

All change: In the new Beauty And The Beast, Belle – and not her father – is an inventor, and new songs have been added to those featured on the 1991 film’s soundtrack

The Beauty and the Beast has undergone some changes in the new movie. Unlike the 1991 version, Belle is portrayed as an inventor instead of her father. Additionally, new songs have been added to the soundtrack. Emma Watson, who is on a global promotional tour for the movie, looked cheerful as she removed her veil-like cape to reveal her shoulders. She added a pop of color to her appearance with some dark berry lipstick and styled her brown hair in loose curls. She giggled and waved at fans while posing with Dan, who wore a bright blue suit, on a candlelit set of steps.

Mixing it up: Emma appeared in high spirits as her global promotional tour continued, soon removing her veil like cape to reveal her shoulders

Royal wave: Adding a pop of colour to her look with a slick of dark berry lipstick, she wore her brunette locks in loose curls

Emma was in great mood as she continued on her worldwide promotional journey. She soon ditched her veil-like cape and flaunted her bare shoulders.

Emma said: 'In the original you don't get much sense of Belle, who she is before she meets Beast, so I wanted to create a backstory,'

According to Emma, the original version of Belle in the classic fairy tale didn’t reveal much about her character before meeting the Beast. Therefore, she aimed to create a backstory for the character in the new live action version. The male lead, known for his roles in Downton Abbey and The Guest, appeared thrilled about his participation in the highly anticipated project as he cuddled up with Emma. The cast also includes Emma Thompson and Luke Evans, who will play Mrs. Potts and Gaston, respectively. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Emma spoke about empowering Belle with a strong sense of girl power in the new adaptation.

He's a long way from Highclere: Dan, whose previous roles included the likes of Downton Abbey and The Guest, looked excited for his new eagerly anticipated venture

Dan, known for his previous roles in popular shows like Downton Abbey and The Guest, is embarking on an exciting new venture. He’s come a long way from Highclere and seems thrilled about it. When discussing his latest project, a retelling of the classic fairytale Beauty and the Beast, Dan explained that he created a backstory for Belle. In the original tale, you don’t learn much about her before she meets the Beast, so Dan felt it was essential to give her some depth. He decided to make her a “mad wacky inventor,” taking over from her father’s character in the animated version. The opening song in the story highlights the obstacles Belle faces when it shows the boys going to school while the girls do laundry.

A washing machine that runs on the power of a donkey was invented by a woman. This invention helped to free young girls from their daily chores and allowed the woman to teach them how to read. Unfortunately, the villagers were quite suspicious of this invention and ended up destroying it. According to the Harry Potter star, the villagers’ actions were symbolic of their desire to break the woman’s spirit and push her into conforming to their ideals of what a woman should be.

Double trouble: The pair also attended the London premiere of the movie last week

The dynamic duo made an appearance at the recent London film premiere as well, adding to their list of mischief and adventure.

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