Emma Watson rocks a sultry bralette as she scores a prime spot at the fabulous Valentino couture showcase

She has had a jam-packed few months, filled with excitement and achievements. First, she successfully obtained her degree at the highly esteemed Brown University. Shortly after, she received an incredible opportunity to become a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Emma Watson Wears One Earring And Loads Of Leather And Lace at the  Valentino Haute Couture Show in Paris

Emma Watson had a remarkable year, and her latest memorable moment occurred at the Hotel Salomon de Rothschild. Attending the Valentino show during Paris Fashion Week, she added a touch of royalty to the event by being accompanied by two Greek princesses, Princess Maria Olympia and Crown Princess Marie Chantal. The 24-year-old actress exuded elegance in an exquisite lace bralet and coordinated skirt, both created by the renowned Italian fashion brand. It was surely a sight to behold as Emma graciously watched the couture show alongside the two princesses.

Emma Watson slips into slinky bralet as she takes front row seat at Valentino  couture show with Princess Maria Olympia and Crown Princess Marie Chantal  of Greece | Daily Mail Online

Emma stood out at the fashion show, confidently combining a rebellious BLK DNM leather jacket with vibrant crimson red shoes. Her outfit made a bold fashion statement, reflecting her unique personal style. Accompanying her was Princess Maria Olympia, who also exuded radiance in a distinctive collarless coat adorned with sheer panels. While Emma pursued her passion for fashion, she also embraced a role similar to Angelina Jolie’s, as she embarked on a journey to become a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations.

Emma Watson Switches It Up In Racy Bra Top And See-Through Skirt | HuffPost  Entertainment

The celebrity from The Bling Ring film has taken on the role of a Goodwill Ambassador, dedicated to empowering young women by pledging support to the HeForShe movement. This campaign strives to create gender equality and is truly fortunate to have her as a representative.

Emma Watson Switches It Up In Racy Bra Top And See-Through Skirt | HuffPost  Entertainment

On the official website of the United Nations, Emma expressed her gratitude for being appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women, stating that the honor is truly humbling. She acknowledges that not everyone has the privilege to contribute meaningfully to such an important cause, and she is determined to carry this responsibility with utmost seriousness.

Emma Watson Switches It Up In Racy Bra Top And See-Through Skirt | HuffPost  Entertainment

The issue of women’s rights is intricately intertwined with my identity, forming an integral part of who I am. It holds profound meaning to me, as it is deeply ingrained in my personal experiences and life journey. As I continue to evolve and grow, I am eager to expand my understanding and contribute my unique perspectives, insights, and consciousness to champion this cause. This opportunity excites me tremendously, as it allows me to further educate myself and empower women in meaningful ways.

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