Emma Watson Opens Up About Embracing Privacy: A Refreshing Perspective From The British Vogue Cover Star

Emma Watson expressed her happiness regarding her decision to take a step back from the public eye, as it has granted her more freedom and control over her life. The 33-year-old actress made the choice to pause her acting career after her last film, Little Women, premiered in 2019. During this period, she explored different avenues, such as directing a Prada fragrance commercial and pursuing an MA in Creative Writing, during which she even wrote a play. In an interview with British Vogue, Watson shared that she viewed this change as a significant decision, given the fast-paced nature of her profession. Furthermore, the Harry Potter star also believes in the astrological concept of a ‘Saturn return’, which occurs approximately every 27 to 29 years and is said to bring about transformative moments in a person’s life.

Emma Watson has revealed she is 'so glad' she decided to step back from the spotlight because it has given her 'more autonomy'

Emma Watson expressed her immense satisfaction in her choice to retreat from the public eye as it has bestowed upon her a greater sense of independence and control.

The actress, 33, made the decision to take a break from her career in front of the camera with her last film, Little Women, released in 2019

The 33-year-old actress decided to step back from her acting career after her last film, Little Women, premiered in 2019. Emma expressed that at times, the characters she portrayed on screen felt more authentic than her true self. Taking a break has granted her a newfound sense of liberation.

She shared, “I’m extremely grateful that I made the choice to step away from acting because it has given me a sense of individuality, creative freedom, and independence that I didn’t possess before – a greater sense of control. I’m happy that I allowed myself to embrace the uncertainty and embrace the messiness, as the clarity I have found since then is invaluable.”

Emma added that focusing on herself has provided her with a fresh outlook on the often glamorous and competitive world of Hollywood. Surrounded by seemingly flawless and accomplished individuals, she has realized that none of it truly matters if one is not content with their personal fulfillment when the cameras are not rolling.

In addition to her break from acting, Emma recently teamed up with her brother Alex to establish a unique gin enterprise called Renais. Employing an innovative approach, they repurpose grapes from vineyards, including their father Chris’s vineyard in France, to craft their gin.

During a recent interview, Alex mentioned that being siblings allows them to both motivate and challenge one another in ways that no one else can.

She said: 'Because I'm in a career that moves very quickly, the decision to take time to do these things felt like a very big decision'

In her words: ‘Since I’m involved in a fast-paced profession, choosing to dedicate time to tackle these endeavors seemed like a monumental choice.’

She added: 'I'm just so glad that I did [step away from acting] because I have this feeling of having my own voice and creative space and sovereignty'

According to her, she expressed her satisfaction in taking a break from acting as it granted her the opportunity to discover her own identity and artistic freedom.

In an interview with HELLO!, the individual expressed their close relationship with Emma. They emphasized their support for each other and their ability to make each other laugh. Both of them were seeking new challenges and decided to join forces as a team. They acknowledged that building a brand with family brings a deep level of trust and understanding, as well as stability.
Despite their strong bond, they admitted that as siblings, they can also push each other’s buttons. While working together is great, they acknowledged the need to maintain personal relationships outside of business.
Emma, who recently ended her relationship with Brandon, the son of Sir Philip Green, has had a string of unsuccessful romances. However, she has achieved great success in her acting career, becoming one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses. Roles in Beauty And The Beast and Little Women have solidified her reputation beyond her iconic role as Hermione in the Harry Potter series.
Emma has also gained attention for her outspoken views on feminism and politics, particularly in her support for trans rights, which has placed her at odds with J.K. Rowling. More details can be found in the January issue of British Vogue, which is available for digital download and will be on newsstands from Tuesday 19 December.

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