“Discovering the Charm of Jennifer Lawrence: Why Men Can’t Resist Her”

Jennifer Lawrence

According to AskMen.com’s annual survey, Jennifer Lawrence has been voted the most desirable woman by men. The 22-year-old actress beat out other popular names like Mila Kunis and Kate Upton for the title of 2013’s Most Desirable Woman. Jennifer has a beautiful face and a killer body that looks stunning even in a wetsuit.

Jennifer Lawrence by istdar on DeviantArt

Her freshness and talent are also what attract people to her. She was nominated for an Oscar at just 22 years old and has starred in many great films. Experts predict that she may have a good season during the Red Carpet events next year, thanks to her role in Silver Linings Playbook.

Jennifer Lawrence by istdar on DeviantArt

She received 10 nominations for the Critic’s Choice Awards and is considered a strong contender for the Oscars in 2013. Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, dropped from eighth place last year to 98th place this year, which is not good news for the E! star.

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