Choosing Authenticity: Cyrus Redefines Traditional Standards and Sparks Vital Conversations


Bangerz is the type of music that you secretly enjoy and keep away from your loved ones, only to indulge in it in your dorm room. Miley Cyrus has created an addictive musical album that feels so wrong that it seems right. This bipolar mix of self-aware anthems and heart-wrenching ballads perfectly captures the highs and lows of a 20-something’s life. The songs like “SMS (Bangerz)” and “Love, Money, Party” display a carefree attitude, while tracks like “Wrecking Ball” and “Maybe You’re Right” express the agony of failed relationships. Although “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball” are the two most popular and mainstream songs on Bangerz, the album’s overall sound is heavily influenced by southern hip-hop. Cyrus even tries her hand at rapping, although the lyrics aren’t her finest hour as they include a reference to an orangutan. While Bangerz is not a deep album lyrically, it’s still worth listening to. Cyrus sings about discovering suspicious texts and preferring vibrators over boyfriends, but let’s be honest, we shouldn’t expect the next “Peace Train” from the same person who sang “Party in the U.S.A.”. In “FU,” Cyrus showcases her excellent vocal range, proving why she’s one of the great female singers.

PH๏τos That Show Miley Cyrus' Wild Fashion Evolution

Miley Cyrus’ recent controversial VMA performance has caused quite a stir among fans and critics alike, all in anticipation of her fourth studio album, Bangerz. The album showcases Cyrus’ transformation from the innocent, country-girl persona of Hannah Montana to the edgy and controversial Miley 2.0, complete with grills and tiny peroxide buns. For those who are shocked by Cyrus’ new image, it’s important to remember that she is simply embodying the wild and self-aware spirit of many 20-somethings today. Her fashion choices, such as the “Pretty Woman” hooker dress, crop tops, and super-stacked platform shoes, paired with her “I don’t care” attitude, create an image of controlled rebellion that exudes confidence and independence.

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Cyrus often sports red carpet ensembles that could easily be replicated by budget-friendly retailers like Forever 21 and GoJane. In fact, one may even witness more daring dance moves on Sixth Street on a Thursday night. The main source of criticism towards Cyrus seems to stem from her lack of sexy appeal in her new persona. A quick rewind to her infamous VMAs performance showcases Cyrus playing with long hair that isn’t even hers and sticking out her tongue while emerging from a teddy bear. It all comes off as rather strange and goofy, ultimately lacking any sensuality.

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Female pop stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera have shed their innocent image by performing in revealing outfits. Remember when Spears wore a nude and crystal bodysuit at the 2000 VMAs? Although it was scandalous, it was acceptable because she looked Sexually appealing. Miley Cyrus has taken her Sexual image to the next level, to the point where she is no longer considered “Hot” by mainstream standards. In her song “4 x 4,” Cyrus sings about driving so fast that she might urinate on herself, which is not typically considered a turn-on. Additionally, her Southern accent can be a turn-off for some. Despite this, Bangerz proves that there is still a place for the eccentric female pop star in the music industry, even among those who wear barely-legal crystal bikinis and have long blonde hair. Cyrus is becoming a powerful figure and does not care about anyone’s opinion. She is just being herself – Miley.

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