Ayesha and Steph Curry Capture Beautiful Family Moments for Exclusive ‘Sweet July’ Magazine Cover Preview

PEOPLE obtained an exclusive glimpse of Ayesha Curry’s family as they make an appearance in the upcoming Food issue of her lifestyle magazine, Sweet July, which will be available on October 22nd. This is the first time that the charming couple, Ayesha and Stephen Curry, along with their three adorable children, will be featured together in a collection of family photos, just in time for the upcoming holiday season. The delightful pictures can only be seen in PEOPLE and on Today.
Ayesha Curry, who is not only a cookbook author but also the creator of the quarterly Sweet July magazine, is 32 years old. Her husband, Stephen Curry, is a prominent player for the Golden State Warriors and is 33 years old. The couple’s three children, 9-year-old Riley Elizabeth, 6-year-old Ryan Carson, and 3-year-old Canon W. Jack, join their parents on the cover of the Food issue, showcasing their eagerness to indulge in a scrumptious holiday-themed feast. Sweet July magazine is published by Meredith, which is the parent company of PEOPLE.
The Food issue of Sweet July magazine sets the stage for the holiday season, celebrating the importance of family, love, and, of course, mouthwatering cuisine. Ayesha expresses her belief that food holds the power to connect and tell stories, as is beautifully portrayed throughout the pages of this remarkable issue.

As she discusses the significance of this season for her, she takes a moment to ponder and expresses, “In light of the pandemic, we have gained a valuable perspective. We’ve realized that things won’t always go according to plan, and you know what? That’s perfectly fine! It’s important to be kind to ourselves and show understanding to others.”
“After the challenging year we’ve experienced, it feels a bit strange to even talk about festivities,” she adds thoughtfully. “However, I’ve come to realize, and perhaps one positive aspect that has emerged from this pandemic, is that celebrations are truly about the meaning we attach to them, and nothing more.”

Ayesha affectionately refers to her brand, Sweet July, as a heartfelt homage to her beloved Oakland, California. The name holds personal significance, as she tied the knot in July and all three of her children were born in this special month. At the Sweet July flagship store in Oakland, shoppers can find a delightful array of products from Ayesha’s own collection, alongside carefully selected treasures from local Black-owned businesses and talented creators hailing from the Bay Area. For those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their own homes, Ayesha’s offerings are also available online.

In addition to her business ventures, this lifestyle expert unveiled her very own magazine in April 2020. Capturing her unique perspective, the publication delves into a range of topics including food, family, female empowerment, and self-care tips. Ayesha generously shares her personal recipes and indispensable kitchen wisdom within the pages of each issue.

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Expressing her enthusiasm, Ayesha shared her utmost joy in being a representative of young black females in the realm of print media. In a conversation with PEOPLE in January 2020, she emphasized the significance of representation by stating, “Representation holds immense importance. It was an exhilarating realization that as my daughters grow, they can discover reflections of themselves within the pages.”

She expressed her delight, stating, “Having my very own magazine now feels like an incredible achievement. As a woman of color, it holds great significance for me to see media representing authentic and relatable women. I am thrilled to establish a platform in Sweet July that embraces diversity and inclusivity, catering to both young men and women.”

The Food edition of Sweet July can be found on newsstands, Amazon, and online from October 22 onwards.

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