Angelina Jolie Talks About How Her Family Situation Has Affected Her Directing Career

Angelina Jolie revealed that she had to switch back to taking on shorter acting jobs to prioritize being at home more.

Angelina Jolie

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Angelina Jolie discussed her decision to focus on acting instead of directing. According to the actress, she has not directed a film since 2017’s First They Killed My Father due to a change in family circumstances that has made it difficult for her to take on longer projects. Jolie, who is still in the process of divorcing Brad Pitt after filing in 2016, explained that she needed to focus on shorter jobs and be home more. As a result, she has returned to acting.

angelina jolie and brad pitt

Angelina Jolie has given fans a first look at her fiery role in the upcoming film, Those Who Wish Me Dead. In the film, Jolie plays Hannah, a character who is described as “not maternal by nature.” The actress had to suppress her own instincts to fit the personality of her character and had to “toughen up and get dirty,” according to Jolie. Director Taylor Sheridan would often correct Jolie’s behavior towards a child because it was different from her character’s behavior. Despite the initial challenge, Jolie eventually got into character and treated teen actor Finn Little badly. Jolie and Brad Pitt, who got married in 2014 after being together for nine years, share six children. Their children include 12-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne, Shiloh, 14, Zahara, 16, Pax, 17, and Maddox, 19.

Angelina Jolie and Kids

Angelina Jolie recently graced the pages of British Vogue’s March issue and talked about her family’s typical day. The Girl, Interrupted Oscar winner shared that while she always wanted to have many children and be a mom, she never imagined it in a traditional sense. She said, “I was never very good at sitting still…I feel like I’m lacking in all the skills to be a traditional stay-at-home mom.” Despite this, Jolie manages through it with the help of her resilient children and their teamwork. Jolie loves all stages of parenthood, from having babies to talking with her kids late at night. In other news, her new movie Those Who Wish Me Dead will be premiering in theaters and on HBO Max on May 14.

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